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Time for a few rants!

Byline: Pete Price

IN THE early hours one morning I stopped for petrol and witnessed the young lady serving suffering the most terrible verbal abuse - for refusing to serve cigarettes to someone under age.

He threatened her life and her family, even saying "I know where you live". The way staff are spoken to in petrol stations is disgusting. She should have given him the cancer sticks and let him suffer the consequences.. I have watched with great delight the new entrance being built at Lime Street Station and I love it. The cascade of steps to walk down as you arrive in Liverpool is awe-inspiring.

Sadly it won't be long before it is awash with chewing gum. I would hit these people with a court order to stick chewing gum on their carpet and furniture and see how they like it.

. To whom it may concern at the Mersey Tunnels. The other night at 7.50pm, I noticed all the signs had been changed. They all read Birkenhead tunnel closed, follow Wallasey tunnel. WHY? The tunnel closes at 10pm, so why were people being directed two hours before? One of my sources said it is done when the shift changes over before they go home. But the tunnel closes at 10pm and not 8pm. Please get your act together and stop sending people all around the houses when it is not necessary.

. Out for a meal the other night, our main course was just about to be served when a family of four sat down right in my eye line.

The father, a big man, took his seat - at which point most of his very large backside appeared out of his pants. It was an eclipse.

To use the old gag - you could have parked your bike in it.

All of a sudden I lost my appetite as did the rest of my company.

I spoke to the restaurant manager and we were quickly moved along with some other people but I had lost my appetite. I have terrible flashbacks when I close my eyes at night.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 20, 2010
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