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Time for Covid analysis is now.

Byline: anne QUALTER Vicars Cross

I ENJOYED Dave Aylott's letter printed in the Chronicle on June 25, but he is incorrect to say that there is no evidence that thousands of lives would have been saved if the Government had locked down sooner.

The medical professionals, and the disease experts at Imperial College whose studies published on March 2 forced the Government to act after dragging its feet until March 23, are adamant that tens of thousands have died unnecessarily because we delayed the lockdown.

Britain does not have the highest death toll in Europe by coincidence, while Germany has just one-fifth the number of Covid-19 deaths as Britain. Neither is it a coincidence that in Ireland the death rate is much higher on the British side of the border than the Republic. The Irish locked down early in March and watched with horror as Britain allowed mass gatherings to continue, including the racing at Cheltenham and football in Liverpool.

We completely failed to learn the lessons from countries like Italy anddelayed too long. Sadly I would argue that we are not yet 'on the right side' of the pandemic.

Spikes and possible second waves mean that we need to learn the lessons be prepared. The time for Covid analysis is right now, we must not delay.

anne QUALTER Vicars Cross

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Author:anne QUALTER Vicars Cross
Publication:Chester Chronicle (Chester, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Aug 13, 2020
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