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Time for Big debate; You Say

DAVID Cameron now knows he can kid Joe Anderson some of the time, he can kid Phil Redmond all of the time, but he can't kid Tony Mulhearn or Ricky Tomlinson any of the time.

Phil has been appointed to lead Liverpool into Cameron's promised land of the Big Society (or abattoir of cuts to most of us).

Joe, on Captain Cameron's offers, throws overboard public sector wage slaves and the helpless, but with a mutinous fist and a tear in his eye.

Tony is kept away form the microphone, lest he makes a credible case for the socialist response.

Above all, the voices of Liverpool people need to be heard in a public debate at a large venue with Phil, Joe, Tony and Trade Unions, small businesses and other representatives putting their case and with Ricky Tomlinson in the chair.

After contributions from the floor, a vote could be taken on the best way forward. Relevant are the words of the first Labour MP, Keir Hardie, who said that governments respond, not to force of argument, but to pleasure. Today's sacrifices can save tomorrow's children.

Brian Prichard, Chester
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 10, 2011
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