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Time Off Wet Weekend: Book Worm.

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Sue Heap and Nick Sharratt, Puffin (pounds 10.99)

YOU often get people saying they could write a children's book, so simple a task does it seem.

And yet,it's a rare talent to be able to take a simplistic look at life and write about it in a way that will educate,entertain and enliven children. But that's what NickSharratt and Sue Heap are able to do -with bells on!

Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly is basically a book about what Nick and Sue -two children to whom we are introduced - like. Nick likes red apples. Sue likes green pears. Nick likes yellow socks. Sue likes yellow ducks.

Its charm is in its naivety. And what would children really like about it?

Where do I begin? Its fantastically detailed and col ourful pictures,its humour,its introduction to colours or the writing which curves around corners of the page.

Can anyone write a children's book? No.

Can these two?

Without a doubt. Lilac Peabody and Sam Sparks by Annie Dalton,Collins (pounds 3.99)

EVERYBODY knows Annie Dalton -an expert in creating fascinating kids'characters -but nobody knows Lilac Peabody.

Until now.

This is the first book in a brand new series for younger,but fairly confident readers.

As small,quickand shimmery as a dragonfly, Lilac is a friend indeed to children in need,empowering them to solve their own problems and disappearing as soon as her services are no longer required.

In this,Sam Sparks is the new kid in school.It's not anew position for him,he seems to spend his life following his adoring but scatty mum's idea of a better life.

As his birthday approaches,Sam realises he has no friends. Enter Lilac, who persuades him to invite a forlorn waif of a girl,Bella Bright, who turns out to be from a travelling circus family, thus leading to Sam having more friends than he's ever had.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 27, 2004
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