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Timbo's tops three times in Las Vegas.

Timbo Gonzalez dominated the draws of the 10th 3wallBall Outdoor World Championships the final weekend of September in Las Vegas.

Gonzalez came home with three titles. The crossover star from New York won the small-ball one-wall singles, the three-wall big-ball doubles and the one-wall big-ball singles.

In other action, David Fink defeated Joe Kaplan in the small-ball three-wall singles. After falling into an early deficit, Fink settled in and went on a tear, outscoring Kaplan 27-0 through the rest of the two-game contest.

More than 160 handball players turned out to compete in the annual event that also draws racquetball and paddleball enthusiasts.

Gonzalez was playing in his third consecutive final when he faced Kaplan in small ball, having already won his other two titles. Gonzalez was ruthless against his New York rival, keeping Kaplan behind him and controlling the center of the court.

He built a 17-2 lead in the one-game match to 21 but developed a severe cramp in his calf. After three consecutive timeouts, Gonzalez was virtually immobile, unable to move forward and barely able to move more than one step. But with the door ajar, Kaplan was unable to capitalize, hitting the ball to Gonzalez or making errors.

"I just didn't have anything," Kaplan said.

Gonzalez closed out the match 21-7 with a lob serve and effective blocking for his third title of the day.

Gonzalez and Capullo Areola faced Samzon Hernandez/Danny Vasquez for the three-wall big-ball doubles title.

Gonzalez/Areola took Game 1 but fell behind 8-4 in Game 2. Then Gonzalez took over, scoring five consecutive points with corner kills to tie it at 12 and closing out the match with another corner kill for a 15-11, 15-12 victory.

In the one-wall big-ball singles final, Gonzalez overwhelmed frequent rival Tywan Cook early, leading 13-2 in the one-game final to 21.

"I knew I had to start strong against Tywan because he can get hot at any time," Gonzalez said.

Indeed, Cook did find his game, pulling within three at 14-11. But then Gonzalez stiffened, and he closed out the match with a patented left-hand cross-court whip kill to take the title 21-15.

Thanks to Mike Coulter, Peggine Telez, Tom and Javi Flores, Randy Lam, Jared Vale and David Fink.

Pro 3 wall small ball

Semis: Joe Kaplan d. Brian Medina 23-21, 15-2; David Fink d. Victor Navarro 15-3, 15-6.

Final: Fink d. Kaplan 21-12.

Open/A 3-wall big ball

Semis: Brian Medina d. Javier Valencia; Marco Alatorre d. Hector Velez 15-13, 15-14.

Final: Medina d. Alatorre 15-12, 15-10.

B 3-wall big ball

Semis: Javier Gonzalez d. Jesus Nicolas 15-9, 9-15, 15-8; Mauricio Molina d. Jose Bocanegra 15-10, 15-13.

Final: Molina d. Gonzalez 15-14, 15-11.

C3-wall big ball

Semis: Josef Gotsch d. Cesar Reyes 15-13, 15-13; Silver Reyes d. Israel Perez 15-13, 15-8.

Final: Reyes d. Gotsch, def.

35+ 3-wall big ball

Semis: Fernando Velardez d. Felipe Lopez 15-9, 15-14; Silver Olmedod. Jose Garcia.

Final: Velardez d.Olmedo 15-12, 15-12.

50+3-wall big ball

Semis: Fernando Velardez d. Jose Flores; Jesus Luna d. J Michael Schaefer.

Final: Velardez d. Luna 15-8, 15-7.

17 under 3-wall big ball

Semis: Esteban Erazo d. Edgar Olivar; James Ramirez d. Abraham Espindola.

Final: Erazo d. Ramirez, def.

15 under 3 wall big ball

1: Tlaloc Erazo d. Mauricio Lopez 15-12, 15-2; d. Abraham Espindola, def.

2: Lopez d. Espindola, def.

13 under 3 wall big ball

1: Xavier Flores d. Mauricio Lopez 15-6, 15-5; d. Carlos Vazquez Jr.

2: Lopez d. Vazquez 15-4, 15-7.

A 3-wall big-ball doubles

Semis: Capullo Areola/Timbo Gonzalez d. Chris Tojin/Raymond Cota; Samzon Hernandez/Danny Vasquez d. Ignazio Accardi/Samuel Sanford.

Final: Areola/Gonzalez d. Hernandez/Vasquez 15-13, 15-11.

B 3-wall big-ball doubles

Semis: Jesus Nicolas/Meato Arellano d. Israel Mateos/Michael Acevedo 15-4, 15-9; Luis Serrano/Jose Bocanegra d. Fernando Jaime/Abraham Mancilla.

Final: Nicolas/Arellano d. Serrano/Bocanegra, def.

C 3-wall big-ball doubles

Semis: Eddie Rocha Sr./Eddie Rocha Jr. d. John Garcia/Fernando Vasquez; Bryan Lazy/Luis Ortiz d. Beni Gonzalez/Anthony Cubias.

Final: Rocha/Rocha d. Lazy/Ortiz.

Pro 1 wall small ball

Semis: Joe Kaplan d. Tywan Cook 25-23; Timbo Gonzalez d. David Fink 25-21.

Final: Gonzalez d. Kaplan.

Open/A 1-wall big ball

Semis: Timbo Gonzalez d. Hector Velez 21-10; Tywan Cook d. James Aguilera 21-13.

Final: Gonzalez d. Cook.

B 1-wall big ball

Semis: Justin Lebron d. Peter Pinto 21-10; Silver Reyes d. John Garcia 21-18.

Final: Lebron d. Reyes.

A 1-wall big-ball doubles

Semis: James Aguilera/Samuel Sanford, bye; Hector Velez/Timothy Gonzalez

d. Tywan Cook/Ignazio Accardi 21-12.

Final: Aguilera/Sanford d. Velez/Gonzalez, inj. def.

B 1-wall big-ball doubles

Semis: Jose Bocanegra/Luis Serrano d. Jessica Santiago/Christina Torres 21-5; John Garcia/Rafael Cipran d. Art Frias/Alex Pastor 21-4.

Final: Garcia/Cipran d. Bocanegra/Serrano, def.

2020 WPH schedule

Jan. 24-26: Red Death, Missoula, Mont.

April 24-26: Texas State Doubles, Houston.

May 14-17: Aces Player's Championship, Salt Lake City.
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