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TimCo licence suspended.

TimCo Foods was ordered to shut down on Nov. 20 after failing to meet a deadline from the Ministry of the Environment for its odour control problem.

The edible oil facility on Prospect Street in St. George's industrial park had been working to come up with an engineering solution to trap smells from its production line in a biofilter.

The odours had been the source of an intense neighbourhood campaign to shut down the plant for more than a year.

The shut-down could be only temporary--TimCo has the right to appeal the suspension of their certificate of approval and sources say it is currently looking at its legal avenues. The company still has the option to submit a revised proposal to the MOE for an odour abatement system.

In the meantime, the plant cannot receive, process or ship any animal fat products until the suspension has been lifted.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Nov 23, 2012
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