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Tim Otte.

Legendary pop entertainment icons and funky derivatives thereof, are "re-imagined" by Fort Lauderdale/Miami artist Tim Otte in bright acrylic paint, enriched with pastels, charcoal, pencil, and pigmented glazes.

Paradox and psychological complexity influence Otte's work. "American pop culture has always been largely disposable" says Otte. "But a few of its brightest stars--living and dead--are unforgettable; their radiance surrounds a core of often pain-filled darkness, which is an essential part of their charisma; that is the quality I am drawn to in Monroe, Dean, Garland, Madonna, Knightley, and all the others."

Otte continues:"I allow the pieces to develop loosely and with a sense of fun, taking their own direction. I work quickly, considering a piece in its entirety only when it is 'done,' which of course it never is."

Otte surrounds his finished paintings with solid, industrial-inspired frames designed and embellished by the artist and bearing steel spikes, nails, chains, ceramic spheres and hand-painted metallic highlights in silver, copper, bronze, gold and pewter over rich black-lacquered wood.

"My frames come after, and more importantly, from, the finished pieces they complement. I present art and frame together as a singular creative expression--inseparable, each incomplete without the other," says Otte.

Otte was born in southern Kansas, where he spent most of his life. He has a B.A. in Theatre from Southwestern College, and a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas, where he also studied theatre and writing at the graduate level.

Graphic design, writing, marketing, public relations, marriage and child rearing diverted Otte's attention until 2002, when he went back to the canvas, brush in hand. Since then, he has focused on painting tropical-inspired abstracts and art-deco influenced murals, in addition to the pop celebrity series known as "Fab Faces," in which his sense of the theatrical is key.

Otte also has created many pieces of three-dimensional, site-specific art/sculpture, featuring found objects painted in metallic hues and assembled in fantastical, futuristic/industrial configurations, which fuse the human form with electric machinelike gadgets and turbo/hydraulic gizmos, tubes and switches.

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