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Tilting up.

Once confined to foundations, driveways, and swimming pools, concrete now accounts for 16 percent of all above-grade residential walls--up from 2 percent in 1993. In response to the material's growing popularity, the NAHB's Concrete Home Building Council (CHBC) has published a new free brochure, "At Home With Concrete: A Guide to Residential Concrete," to assist builders, contractors, and home buyers interested in residential concrete construction.

The brochure provides an overview of residential concrete, including interior and exterior applications and popular above-grade wail systems. It also highlights the advantages of working with concrete--among them, reduced completion time, durability, sustainability, and design possibilities.

"At Home With Concrete" is available by calling 800-368-5242, ext. 8576, or by visiting

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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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