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Tikkurila focuses on color design of coatings to give them the competitive edge.

The right coating material protects the product. Colors give a positive impression of the product's quality, and they help to improve visibility and brand awareness. Colors can also. be used to highlight the form and structure of a product.

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in today's global market. Cost-effective production, or making products that work in even the most demanding conditions is not enough--the product must stand out among competition. Visible qualities--the surface, colors and design--play a crucial role.

"The color design and color marketing of industrial coatings are increasingly important. Colors make the products unique and distinctive," said Petri Jarvinen, Tikkurila's sales director, Industry, SBU Finland and Scandinavia.

Tikkurila regularly organizes training for product designers, industrial designers, architects and its own retailers to help all the different partners to make best possible use of Tikkurila's paint products. The focus in the training sessions is, among others, on product properties and on the selection of colors.

Finishing Touches with the Help of a Color Designer

Public spaces and buildings can be given a more striking appearance with professional color design.

"These days, it is still common to have a single color across an entire solid structure. By using different color combinations, structures can be made to stand out in a completely new way. Businesses should utilize the know-how of designers who are experienced in using color. For designers, colors provide a way to give their work a unique look," Jarvinen said.

On the other hand, colors can improve the comfort and appeal of public spaces, especially in environments such as restaurants and stores.

Jarvinen gives an extreme example: an Irish bike retailer who turned the store premises into a work of art by using different designs and colors.

"People flocked to the store just to see it, and thanks to more customers the retailer enjoyed an increase in safes. Not before long, the investment in the surface treatment earned the store its money back many times over."

Trendy Surface Treatments with Metallic Paints

Metallic paints can be used to give a vibrant surface treatment and to highlight the structure and form of the product. Lighting enhances the shininess of the surface. When light hits the product, the small metallic particles in the coating reflect the light back, which creates an impression of a unique, high-quality surface.

Metallic paints are suitable for both the wood and metal industry products. Tikkurila has developed a basic metallic paint for concrete which gives a vibrant and striking surface effect. With metallic floor paint, designers and architects can design and create unique floor surfaces for different customers, from stores and kindergartens to theaters and business facilities.

The old Kodanska Palace in Prague, Czech Republic, was refurbished and converted into an office building. The new facade is designed by French-Israeli artist Yaacov Agam. The facade consists of eloxated aluminum sheets and 410 different colors which create an impression of a multi-dimensional rainbow. The fagade was painted using Tikkurila products. The base coat was painted using Temacoat GF Primer, the top coating was made with Temadur 90, and the vertical profiles were coated with Temadur Clear.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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