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Tighten your belts.

Loose belts make deconning difficult for your M17 decon.

Slipping belts keep water and fuel pumps from pumping. A loose belt eventually slips off and shuts down the M17 completely.

So check the water pump belts before you go on a mission. If they seem loose, the belts may have stretched and need to be adjusted. Loosen the two bolts holding the belt tensioner and slide tension until the roller touches the belts. Then slide the tensioner another 1/4 inch and tighten the bolts. If the belts are cracked, they have dry rot and should be replaced before they break.

Always remember to replace both belts. They are a matched set.

Belts last longer if you remove them when the M17 sits for long periods in the motor pool. When the belts are left exposed to the weather, they stretch and rot much faster. Loosen the belt tensioner and rotate the belts on and off their pulleys.

Do the same for the fuel pump belt by applying pressure to pivot the fuel pump, which loosens the belt and lets you take it off.

Store all belts in the M17 tool box.

Repairmen, the NSN for the engine drive/water pump belt (Item 2, Fig C-4 in TM 3-4230-228-23&P) has been changed to NSN 3030-01-238-2368.
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