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Tight spot.

Acts of skate aggression being what they aren't, The European Economic Union Commission has labeled skateboards as terrorist weapons. As quoted by the London Times, the EEU says they are "weapons that could be used to hijack an aircraft." As a result they have been banned from the cabins of all planes taking off anywhere in the EU. Tennis rackets, however, are still considered safe and non-threatening. A high-level diplomat further commented, "Skateboards are pure evil." The EU further states that "they have wheels that you could unscrew and throw, and you could use a skateboard to break a window."

Despite sporting some of the, if not the most thigh-supporting pants in the biz, Walnut Creek's Corey Duffel managed to fracture one of his four-foot-long femurs in a nasty spill.

Pat Duffy's got the rod out of his arm and is into a soft cast. The surgeon wondered about the tell-tale skate abrasions on Pat's cast, but Duffy denied that he had been pulling stairs while he was supposed to be totally immobile.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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