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Tifosi Talos Tactical.

Here's a piece of gear that's been in my range bag for a long time: the Tifosi Talos Tactical, one of the most durable sets of eye protection I've seen and used. Fitted with the High Contrast Red protective lenses, they're perfect for shooting on cloudy days. If it's super sunny out, I'll change to a Smoke lens. In low light conditions, Clear. Changing lenses is a swift operation requiring no tools and the extra lenses store neatly in a protective sleeve in the protective case. Not that you need a case--the frames are made of Grilamid TR 90 NZZ, a homopolyamide nylon that'll bend (a lot) while resisting damage from chemicals or UV rays. Talos Tactical's lenses are ANSI Z87.1 safety

rated, so they're good for many applications. But the shooting range is where they shine. Adjustable ear and nose pieces allow you to fit them just right and, with a 30-gram weight, they stay on, comfortably, all day. The lenses wrap around my face nicely, extending and protecting the area close to my temples where, for some reason, many hot-shell casings seem to hit on a regular basis. One personal note: I found myself preferring the High Contrast Red lenses more than any other due to their versatility. They provided enough shading on sunny days but were usable in some low-light conditions, too. That meant less time spent changing lenses and more time spent shooting. And that's why they're always in my range bag. Talos Tactical retails for $69.95. For more info:, (877) 530-0815

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Title Annotation:GUNNYSACK
Author:Kakkuri, Mark
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2017
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