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Tidy up the town!

The Mayor has decided to have the town by-laws enforced in future, with a view to making the town spruce up a little and put on a more dignified appearance. There are by-laws in existence prescribing the roles of behaviour which citizens are supposed to observe, for instance, in regard to displaying goods on sidewalks, having trap doors in front of stores, ash pits in yards, and other matters.

His Worship intends to have all chimneys thoroughly inspected and to enforce the by-law concerning them. As soon as bricks are obtainable, all tin chimneys must be removed. Storekeepers will not, in future, be allowed to display goods on the sidewalk, nor to put trap doors in the pavement without permission from the chairman of the Works Committee. Everyone will be expected to provide a safe receptacle for ashes and to keep their premises tidy.

--Calgary Herald, May 12, 1887.
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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