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Tides to generate 1.2 MW.

A manufacturer plans to install an array of tidal turbines to generate electricity at a key barrier in the Netherlands' water defenses.

The company, Tocardo Tidal Turbines, said it will install five tidal turbines at the storm surge barrier of the Eastern Scheldt Estuary. The structure is one of a series of dams and barriers known as the Delta Works, which protect the Netherlands from flooding from the North Sea.

According to Tocardo, the turbines wilt be operational this autumn and have a total capacity of 1.2 MW.

The project has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund, the Dutch government, and the province of Zeeland as part of the Operational Program for Zuid-Nederland, a development initiative supporting innovation and a low-carbon economy in the southern Netherlands.

Earlier this year, Tocardo installed three linked turbines with a total capacity of 300 kW in the Afsluitdijk, a 30 km long primary sea defense at the mouth of the Ijsselmeer, near Tocardo's headquarters in Den Oever. The Eastern Scheldt project will be the largest tidal power plant to date in the Netherlands.

The company said it is working closely with a partner, Huisman, the Dutch heavy-equipment maker, which is a shareholder and designed the turbines' suspension structure. Another partner, Struckton, a civil engineering firm, will be in charge of project management.

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