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Coastal wetlands can adapt to rising oceans. Jun 1, 2007 334
Gastropod abundance and biomass relationships with salt marsh vegetation within ocean-dominated South Carolina, USA estuaries. Walters, Keith Dec 1, 2006 5348
Salt marsh snails plow leaves, fertilize fungus. Milius, Susan Dec 6, 2003 465
Long-term meteorological and tidal controls on salt marsh sediment dynamics. (South Carolina Academy of Sciences Abstracts). Murphy, Steppen; Voulgaris, George Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 286
Effects of haying on salt-marsh surface invertebrates. Ludlam, John P.; Shull, David H.; Buchsbaum, Robert Oct 1, 2002 1143
Nutrient and freshwater inputs from sewage effluent discharge alter benthic algal and infaunal communities in a tidal salt marsh creek. Twichell, Sarah; Sheldon, Sallie; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert Oct 1, 2002 1023
Tidal flushing of ammonium from intertidal salt marsh sediments: the relative importance of adsorbed ammonium. Koop-Jakobsen, Ketil; Giblin, Anne Oct 1, 2002 1018
Oil impact on growth of Salicornia virginia under controlled tidal conditions. (Abstracts). Chen, C.Y.; Portugal, D.D.; Zuniga, T.; Wijte, A.H.B.M. Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 248
Soil microbial activity and mycorrhizal associations in a Southern Californian salt marsh. (Abstracts). Vandersande, Matthew W.; Ambrose, Dr. Richard F. Abstract Aug 1, 2002 197
The importance of management of the native parasitic plant Cuscuta salina in Southern California salt marsh habitat. (Abstracts). Simokat, Christina Abstract Aug 1, 2002 117
The effects of salt marsh haying on benthic algal biomass. Williams, Libby; Noblitt IV, G. Carl; Buchsbaum, Robert Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 942
Muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus) Disturbance to Vegetation and Potential Net Nitrogen Mineralization and Nitrification Rates in a Freshwater Tidal Marsh. CONNORS, LISA M.; KIVIAT, ERIK; GROFFMAN, PETER M.; OSTFELD, RICHARD S. Jan 1, 2000 5612
SEA-LEVEL RISE AND COASTAL FOREST RETREAT ON THE WEST COAST OF FLORIDA, USA. Williams, Kimberlyn; Ewel, Katherine C.; Stumpf, Richard P.; Putz, Francis E.; Workman, Thomas W. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 1999 10596
Osmoregulation and FMRFamide related peptides in the salt marsh snail Melampus bidentatus (Say)(Mollusca: Pulmonata). Khan, Hamid R.; Price, David A.; Doble, Karen E.; Greenberg, Michael J.; Saleuddin, A.S.M. Apr 1, 1999 5527
Superstud grass menaces San Francisco Bay. Milius, S. Brief Article Nov 14, 1998 498
Preliminary evaluation of sedimentation rates and species distribution in Plum Island Estuary, Massachusetts. Schmitt, Catherine; Weston, Nathaniel; Hopkinson, Charles Oct 1, 1998 1033
Interaction of nitrogen supply, sea level rise, and elevation on species form and composition of salt marsh plants. Rogers, Jennifer; Harris, Jennifer; Valiela, Ivan Oct 1, 1998 1520
Population size and site fidelity of Fundulus heteroclitus in a macrotidal saltmarsh creek. Sweeney, Jennifer; Deegan, Linda; Garritt, Robert Oct 1, 1998 974
Some implications of direct interactions for community species diversity. Hacker, Sally D.; Gaines, Steven D. Oct 1, 1997 9336
Scale-dependent spatial and temporal variability in biogeography of mangrove root epibiont communities. Farnsworth, Elizabeth J.; Ellison, Aaron M. Feb 1, 1996 13928
Morphological and physiological consequences of a positive plant interaction. Hacker, Sally D.; Bertness, Mark D. Oct 1, 1995 6577
Land cover effects on inorganic nutrients in groundwater and the role of salt marshes in interception of land-derived nutrients entering estuaries of Waquoit Bay, Massachusetts. MacGregor, Catherine Hunter; Chaplin, Sue Ann; Valiela, Ivan Oct 1, 1995 805
Long-term changes of macroinfaunal assemblages in experimentally enriched salt marsh tidal creeks. Sarda, Rafael; Foreman, Kenneth; Valiela, Ivan Oct 1, 1994 584

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