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Tidal forces are better than wind power; Letters to the editor Write to: Letters to the editor, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL. email: All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you.

SIR, - Bearing in mind the fact that we inhabit an island and are completely surrounded by the sea, we are subjected to one of the most consistent, powerful and regular forms of power generation known to man - tidal forces.

As a retired master mariner, I am somewhat perplexed as to why there is such a low interest and activity in the use of tides as a readily accessible power source.

Tides occur as the level of the sea is subject to periodic horizontal movements known as tidal streams. This force is generated by the gravitational force of the moon which orbits the Earth on a daily basis.

We're exposed to a power source which is free, odourless, silent, regular and which doesn't pollute the atmosphere or surrounding waters.

Surely it must be possible to construct turbines which are sited on the seabed close to harbours or river estuaries in such a way that the turbine blades will be rotated in a clockwise direction during flood tide and an anti-clockwise direction during ebb tide, or vice versa, with little risk of damage? Thoughts could also be given to the installation of underwater turbines in our rivers such as the Dee, Don, Clyde etc. The flow of water in the rivers never ceases and turbines could be sited on the riverbeds attached to bridge supports - providing a 24-hour, non-stop source of energy.

This must surely be a safer and more efficient method than the rather odd idea of using wind power.

Matthew Greenen, High Street, New Pitsligo

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Press and Journal (Aberdeen,Scotland)
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Date:Jun 17, 2019
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