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Ticona Engineering Polymers.

Ticona Engineering Polymers has announced that it has added a new member to its family of inherently flame-resistant liquid crystal polymers (LCP): Vectra T.rex LCP is designed for thermal forming processes, the company says, and "offers all the properties this high-performance polymer is known for-high dimensional stability, excellent high-temperature performance and chemical resistance." Initially, Ticona says, it is offering a 40% mineral filled grade, Vectra T.rex 541, "which provides impact and notched impact strengths that are significantly higher than those of other mineral-filled grades." Specifically, the company says, Vectra T.rex 541 provides heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 245[degrees]C (473[degrees]F); 20% improvement in impact performance over standard 40%-mineral-filled LCP; and higher melt viscosity--up to three times greater than standard 40%-mineral-filled LCP.

Ticona developed Vectra T.rex 541 for use by customers who extrude sheets and films that can be thermoformed to finished components, saying that it is "ideal for applications in several industries": medical--for use in sterilizable trays and equipment; aerospace--meets flame, smoke and toxicity requirements for use in aircraft interior applications; and semiconductor--provides high stiffness and a low coefficient of thermal expansion for use in chip carriers.
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Title Annotation:industry NEWS and NOTES
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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