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Which medication is best for treating a low-functioning thyroid? -BYLN- By Patrick Massey. Mar 5, 2018 543
Which medication is best for treating a low-functioning thyroid? -BYLN-. Mar 5, 2018 542
Sore throat, swollen glands linked to thyroid cancer. Jan 27, 2018 278
United States : Raritan Bay Medical Center Supports Thyroid Awareness. Jan 16, 2018 151
Ask Dr. J: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, or Moe: The Pitfalls of Thyroid Lab Testing. Cross, Jim Jan 1, 2018 2147
Why some women find it hard to get pregnant. Dec 20, 2017 683
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Kits. Dec 15, 2017 127
Women comprise 80pc thyroid problem sufferers. Dec 14, 2017 489
'Iodine-rich food vital to prevent thyroid-related problems'. Dec 14, 2017 444
80pc thyroid patients are women: Experts. Dec 14, 2017 487
'80% people suffering from thyroid problems are women'. Dec 14, 2017 411
Women comprise 80pc thyroid problem sufferers. Dec 14, 2017 283
Myeloid sarcoma of the thyroid. Goldenberg, Dana; Joshi, Monika; Malysz, Jozef; Claxton, David; Cottrill, Elizabeth E. Report Dec 1, 2017 867
A retrospective analysis of thyroid disease in pregnancy at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Soweto, South Africa. Nicolaou, V.; Huddle, K.R.L. Dec 1, 2017 3431
Before Taking Any Hormones, Consider Trying This First.... Dec 1, 2017 2139
Comparison of sleep in hypothyroid patients with normal controls. Sivaprakasam, Kavitha; Ramamoorthy, Shanthimalar Report Nov 10, 2017 3095
Why fish is so good for you; Your health. Oct 22, 2017 129
Why fish is so good for you; Your health. Oct 22, 2017 133
THE ROLE OF THYROID HORMONE STATUS IN ABNORMAL UTERINE BLEEDING. George, Lissiamma; Jacob, K.J.; Shankar, Swathi B. Report Sep 21, 2017 2161
Thyroid Tissue and Infrared Laser. A Morphometric Study/Tejido Tiroideo y Laser Infrarrojo. Un Estudio Morfometrico. Cornejo, Ricardo; Jaramillo, Roberto; Garrido, Orlando; Vergara, Luis Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 1874
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Profile Reagents Kit For Nsch, Talcher. Aug 31, 2017 115
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Profile Reagent Kit For Nsch,talcher. Aug 29, 2017 117
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Profile Reagent Kit. Aug 28, 2017 131
Hyalinising trabecular tumour of the thyroid gland--a diagnostic challenge. Kini, Hema; Sreeram, Saraswathy; Shenoy, Vijendra; Murali, Nirupama Case study Aug 17, 2017 1766
Delivery Of An Ultrasound Device With Color Doppler And Three Sensors (transabdominal, Transvaginal And Linear For Examination Of The Lacteal And Thyroid Glands). Aug 13, 2017 102
Never ignore lump or swelling in neck: It might be sign of thyroid cancer. Aug 4, 2017 749
An incidental thyroid nodule. Flynn, John P.; Morawiecki, Peter A.; Ayala, Marco A. Clinical report Aug 1, 2017 1007
Typical graves' ophthalmopathy in primary hypothyroidism. Jul 31, 2017 1719
What Is Hypothyroidism And How Common Is It In US? Jul 22, 2017 445
Hyperthyroidism causes product recall. Jul 1, 2017 159
A study on fine needle aspiration cytology of enlarged thyroid gland and its correlation with anti-TPO antibody level in a tertiary care hospital of eastern region of India. Barui, Gopinath; Talukdar, Manas; Datta, Kaberi; Karmakar, Rupam Report Jun 19, 2017 3042
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Profile Reagent Kit. Jun 19, 2017 109
Autoimmune thyroiditis presenting as psychosis. Das, Soumitra; Doval, Nimisha; Moun, Vikas Report Jun 1, 2017 1410
Thyroid function and ultrasonography abnormalities in lithium-treated bipolar patients: A cross-sectional study with healthy controls. Tuncel, Ozlem Kuman; Akdeniz, Fisun; Ozbek, Suha Sureyya; Kavukcu, Gulgun; Kocabas, Gokcen Unal Report Jun 1, 2017 7577
Supply Of Kits For Thyroid Function Tests. Jun 1, 2017 146
Supply Of Thyroid Function Test Kits For The Use In Health Department, U.t., Chandigarh. May 26, 2017 129
Pediatric thyroid testing plays an essential role in disease management. Rogers, Linda C. May 1, 2017 1954
Manage hyperthyroidism to prevent cardiac complications: an overactive thyroid can cause several health problems, and abnormal heart rhythms are among the more serious concerns. May 1, 2017 730
Preconception management of thyroid disorders. Apr 30, 2017 1467
Thyroid dysfunction may up heart failure risk: Study. Apr 21, 2017 330
Surgical anatomy of thyroid tubercle of Zuckerkandl. Thomas, P.K.; Varghese, Susan Report Apr 10, 2017 2160
Fetal thyroid function, birth weight, and in Utero exposure to fine particle air pollution: a birth cohort study. Janssen, Bram G.; Saenen, Nelly D.; Roels, Harry A.; Madhloum, Narjes; Gyselaers, Wilfried; Lefebvre Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2017 7586
When your symptoms may be signaling thyroid disease: weight loss or gain, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, and increased sensitivity to heat or cold are just some of the many signs. Apr 1, 2017 850
Is your thyroid to blame? Mar 1, 2017 937
A first step toward new therapies for thyroid disorders. Feb 6, 2017 283
A first step toward new therapies for thyroid disorders. Feb 6, 2017 283
Abrupt Thyroid Function Changes in a 32-Year-Old Man. Agius, Charlton; Buhagiar, Gerald Clinical report Feb 1, 2017 562
A first step toward new therapies for thyroid disorders. Jan 30, 2017 283
Accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in comparison to histopathological examination for the diagnosis of thyroid swellings. Goswami, Divyesh; Agrawal, Preeti; Shinde, Princy Report Jan 1, 2017 3223
A case of Hurthle cell thyroid carcinoma. Dealing with the uncertainty of the role of iodinel-131/Un caso de carcinoma de tiroides de celulas de hurthle. Abordando la incertidumbre del papel del yodo I-131/Um caso de carcinoma de tireoides de celulas de Hurthle. Abordando a incerteza do papel do iodo I-131. Gutierrez-Villamil, Claudia; Francisco-Alonso, Juan; Mejia-Lopez, Arturo; Carofilis-Mendoza, Frankli Jan 1, 2017 2396
Nodular fasciitis of the neck causing emergency: a case report. Celik, Serkan Yasar; Dere, Yelda; Celik, Ozgur Ilhan; Derin, Serhan; Sahan, Murat; Dere, Ozcan Case study Jan 1, 2017 1869
2 MINUTES ON... How to ensure your hormones stay under control. Nov 7, 2016 255
2 MINUTES ON... How to ensure your hormones stay under control. Nov 7, 2016 255
MINUTES ON... 26 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 07.11.2016 DMUULS DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Helping to keep you fit and healthy @MiriamStoppard How to ensure your hormones stay under control. Nov 7, 2016 251
Thyroid function and autoimmunity versus number of pregnancies. Boufas, Dimitrios; Vryonidou, Andromachi; Mastorakos, Georgios; Ilias, Ioannis Oct 1, 2016 1730
Breast cancer metastasis to the thyroid gland. Goldenberg, Michael; Warrick, Joshua; Russo, Mariano; Bann, Darrin V. Report Oct 1, 2016 578
An Infertile Patient with Abnormal Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone. Mok, Shao Feng; Tai, E. Shyong; Deepak, Doddabele Srinivasa; Loh, Tze Ping Oct 1, 2016 2277
Commentary. Algeciras-Schimnich, Alicia Oct 1, 2016 451
Procurement Of Thyroid Function Test Kit. Sep 10, 2016 111
Foramen in the shield: foramen thyroideum. Agarwal, Parmanand; Bhosale, Yuvaraj Jayprakash Report Aug 11, 2016 1965
Postoperative hypofunctioning of the thyroid gland after total laryngectomy. Dutta, Sirshak; Biswas, Kaustuv Das; Ghatak, Soumya; Haldar, Dibakar; Sen, Indranil; Sinha, Ramanuj Brief article Aug 1, 2016 133
Comparison of the Reference Intervals Used for the Evaluation of Maternal Thyroid Function During Pregnancy Using Sequential and Nonsequential Methods. Fan, Jian-Xia; Yang, Shuai; Qian, Wei; Shi, Feng-Tao; Huang, He-Feng Report Jul 1, 2016 3938
Control of iodization salt consumed in the region of Sidi Bel Abbes (West of Algeria). Rih, Aicha; moulessehoul, Soraya; Dif, Mustapha Mahmoud; Bouazza, Sofiane; mahi, Fatima Zohra El Report Jul 1, 2016 2292
Rising Incidence Likely to Drive Thyroid Gland Disorders Treatment Market to USD 2,085 Million by 2020. Jun 25, 2016 507
The relationship between aggression and serum thyroid hormone level in individuals diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. Evrensel, Alper; Unsalver, Baris Onen; Ozsahin, Aytekin Report Jun 1, 2016 4581
Memory maximizers: here's the latest research to help you keep your brain sharp. Jun 1, 2016 514
Dual ectopic thyroid: lingual with infrahyoid thyroid ectopia: an occasional occurrence. Narendran, Tharali Chandrasekar; Kashyap, Alankrith Ramesh; Prasanth, Raveendran Rani Arun; Musthafa Report May 30, 2016 1146
Clinical evaluation of thyroid swellings. Kumar, Vikrant; Kuchhal, Vaibhav; Sharma, Tushar Report May 26, 2016 3368
Supply Reagents For Thyroid Function Tests And The Results Of Fertility With M.A.D. May 24, 2016 147
Salt and iodine ... nutrient loss from peeling foods. Etingin Apr 1, 2016 503
Thyroid antagonists (perchlorate, thiocyanate, and nitrate) and childhood growth in a longitudinal study of U.S. girls. Mervish, Nancy A.; Pajak, Ashley; Teitelbaum, Susan L.; Pinney, Susan M.; Windham, Gayle C.; Kushi, Clinical report Apr 1, 2016 9182
Polybrominated diphenyl ether exposure and thyroid function tests in North American adults. Makey, Colleen M.; McClean, Michael D.; Braverman, Lewis E.; Pearce, Elizabeth N.; He, Xue-Mei; Sjod Report Apr 1, 2016 8025
Have a weight problem? It may not be a bad idea to get a thyroid test done. Mar 23, 2016 387
Evaluation of thyroid function in pre-eclampsia. Sunanda, K.; Sravanthi, P.; Anupama, H. Report Mar 7, 2016 2910
Huge thyroid swelling--how we managed the surgical difficulties: a case report. Haque, Faizanul; Ghosh, Amit Kumar; Adhikari, Bivas; Ghosh, Animesh; Saha, Soumik Feb 29, 2016 2677
Role of thyroid function test in cases with provisional diagnosis of dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Kumar, Shiva H.C.; Ramaraju, H.E. Feb 11, 2016 2503
Fluoride and thyroid function. Klotter, Jule Feb 1, 2016 662
A study on morphometric features and incidence of agenesis of isthmus of thyroid gland. Kokati, Drakshayini B.; Krupanidhi, Solomon; M., Mallikarjun Report Jan 1, 2016 1197
Association between thyroid hormone levels and insulin resistance and body mass index. Dec 31, 2015 2665
Retrieval of projectile metallic foreign body penetrating the thyroid gland. Shivappa, Lohith; Baretto, Nicola; Morodia, Surender Kumar Dec 7, 2015 888
Pertinencia de la gammagrafia de tiroides en un servicio de medicina nuclear de referencia del oriente colombiano. Sanchez-Orduz, Liset; Wandurraga-Sanchez, Edwin Antonio; Garcia, Rafael Eduardo; Camacho, Paul Antho Ensayo Dec 1, 2015 2363
Evaluation of the functional state of the thyroid gland in men of the ecologically unfavorable Aral Sea region. Kultanov, Berikbay; Kubayev, Alik; Serikbaeva, Aigul; Tauesheva, Zauresh; Turmukhambetova, Anar; Dos Report Dec 1, 2015 1036
Primary lymphoma of the thyroid gland: a rare case report. Parameshwarappa, R.C.; Shivakumara; Sherigar, Sujith; Mallikarjun, M. N.; Manoranjan, U.D. Nov 26, 2015 784
Role of pre-operative investigations in preventing the post-operative complications of thyroid surgery. Reddy, Kamreddy Ashok; Ram, Nagula Parusha Clinical report Nov 9, 2015 4348
Cytomorphological and biochemical correlation in thyroiditis. Krishna, Mani; Manju Nov 9, 2015 1702
Thyroid function may be restored through patient-derived human cells. Oct 26, 2015 325
Understanding thyroid cancer. Oct 20, 2015 503
Thyroid Function Tests Market: the Increase in Prevalence of Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. Oct 10, 2015 532
Does vitamin b12 help cognition?... Normal pressure hydrocephalus... Thyroid and the brain. Fava, Maurizio Column Oct 1, 2015 610
Maternal thyroid profile in pre-eclampsia. Satyanarayan, Anitha K.; Chandregowda, Veena H.; Hemberal, Manjunath; Taklikar, Raju H. Report Oct 1, 2015 1298
A clinical study of solitary nodule thyroid in GGH, Guntur, A. P. Kumar, A. Ravi Kamal; Rao, Katta Srinivasa; Pulla, Prasad Clinical report Oct 1, 2015 2741
Diagnostic utility of cell blocks in thyroid aspirates. Ahmed, Zarika; Medhi, Pranita; Das, Debojit Sep 21, 2015 3694
Thyroid function status and its impact on clinical outcome in patients admitted to critical care. Clinical report Aug 31, 2015 2948
Study of prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in type 2 DM in rural population. Kumaran, Nanjil A.; Prabhu, G.; Balasubramaniyan, S.; Selvamuthukumaran; Geeravani, M.; Nagateja, D. Clinical report Aug 31, 2015 1840
Management of micro metastatic papillary carcinoma of thyroid in submandibular gland. Bhanumathi, V.; Ramana, S. Venkata Disease/Disorder overview Aug 13, 2015 772
Analysis of thyriod disorder and its relation with giotrogens. Sreedevi, B.V. Jul 20, 2015 1444
Supply of Thyroid Function Test Kits for the use in Health Department, U.T., Chandigarh. Jun 21, 2015 130
Study of thyroid function in type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic population. Makandar, Asmabi; Sonagra, Amit D.; Shafi, Nadia Report Jun 1, 2015 2540
Association with thyroid disorders and rheumatic diseases: a case report with thyroid acropachy. Koca, Tuba Tulay Report Jun 1, 2015 1606
A small thyroid gland can have a big impact on your health: treating a thyroid disorder may help prevent systemic dysfunction, including heart disease and osteoporosis. May 1, 2015 872
Thyroid function in pregnancy: what is normal? Medici, Marco; Korevaar, Tim I.M.; Visser, W. Edward; Visser, Theo J.; Peeters, Robin P. Report May 1, 2015 8337
Too much iodine may adversely affect thyroid function. Gaby, Alan R. Apr 1, 2015 419
Perineural spread of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma along the great auricular nerve thyroid gland. Ginat, Daniel Thomas; Bolotin, Diana; Langerman, Alexander J. Case study Apr 1, 2015 937
Thyroid gland follicular carcinoma. Thompson, Lester D.R. Clinical report Mar 1, 2015 912
Dr. Graves, we can heal your disease: a love letter to naturopathic doctors. Herington, Heather Report Feb 1, 2015 3591
A modified approach to thyroid exams. Chung, M. Kyu; Patrone, Christina Chung; LaRiccia, Patrick J. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2015 257
Arrested development: lingual thyroid gland. Williams, Mark R.; Kaushik, Vivek Case study Jan 1, 2015 690
Biochemical role of serum fructosamine in patients with thyroid disorders. Soni, Nagraj; Kaushik, G.G.; Sharma, Neha Jan 1, 2015 2202
Successful airway management of a case of multinodular goiter associated with tracheal narrowing and deviation with fiber optic bronchoscope. Sharma, Sony; Rao, Natesh S.; Gopal, Sadanand; Bansal, Rahul Dec 15, 2014 1648
Multiple anamolies of thyroid gland: a case report. Krishnamurthy, V.R.; Halesha, B.R.; Manjunath, C.S.; Ishwara, Prasad G.D. Dec 8, 2014 969
Study of thyroid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus in comparison to non-diabetics. Mangshetty, Basavaraj G.; Saraf, Niraj; Sidharth, M. Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 2862
Simultaneous non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the external auditory canal and thyroid gland: a case report. Khaw, BeeLian; Sivalingam, Shailendra; Pathamanathan, Sitra Siri; Tan, Teck S.; Naicker, Manimalar Case study Dec 1, 2014 2259
Aerial application of mancozeb and urinary ethylene thiourea (ETU) concentrations among pregnant women in Costa Rica: the Infants' Environmental Health Study (ISA). de Joode, Berna van Wendel; Mora, Ana Maria; Cordoba, Leonel; Cano, Juan Camilo; Quesada, Rosario; F Report Dec 1, 2014 9530
Light and Electron Microscopic Study of Thyroid Gland in the African Giant Rat Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse. Onwuaso, Igbokwe Casmir; Nwagbo, Ezeasor Daniel Report Oct 31, 2014 3815
Blood lead concentration and thyroid function during pregnancy: results from the Yugoslavia prospective study of environmental lead exposure. Kahn, Linda G.; Liu, Xinhua; Rajovic, Biljana; Popovac, Dusan; Oberfield, Sharon; Graziano, Joseph H Report Oct 1, 2014 7410
Q My doctor has recommended that I take thyroid medication to address my chronic depression, even though my thyroid function is within the normal range. Can you explain this? Fava, Maurizio Column Oct 1, 2014 181
Supply of requisites for drawing samples of the thyroid gland from recent borne babies including special drying paper and pins among others. Sep 12, 2014 130
Dietary factors in thyroid health. Sep 1, 2014 613
Papillary carcinoma in thyroglossal cyst: a case report. Gupta, Manish; Reddy, N. Venkatram; Shankar, T.; Ahmed, S. Muneeruddin; Majeed, Juveria Sep 1, 2014 1807
Graves' ophthalmopathy in a euthyroid patient--a rare case report. Sarkar, Phani Kumar; Sarkar, Pradip; Acharjee, Umakanta; Halder, Soumya; Sarkar, Sandip; Noatia, Chi Jun 30, 2014 2089
Variation in the origin of superior thyroid artery. Dhindsa, Gursharan Singh; Sodhi, Shubhpreet Jun 2, 2014 1423
Caracteristicas clinicas del hipotiroidismo congenito: descripcion de un caso. Munoz-Salgado, R.; Noriega-Ceron, A.M. Jun 1, 2014 1848
The importance of annual screening of thyroid function among the pediatric patients with down syndrome--case report. Chiriac, Madalina-Ionela; Preda, Cristina; Trandafir, Laura-Mihaela Clinical report Jun 1, 2014 1893
Assessment and comparison of Thyroid Diseases by sonography and Histopathology. Yadav, Pankaj; Jain, Amit; Singh, Rashmi Report May 19, 2014 2106
Active thyroid within normal range also may raise depression risk. Brief article May 1, 2014 139
Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric: The Thyroid Gland, 6th Edition. Book review Apr 1, 2014 186
Iodine-131 and thyroid function. Sun, Wenjie Report Feb 1, 2014 1470
Study finds no link between thyroid function and MCI. Sullivan, Michele G. Jan 1, 2014 413
Thyroid dysfunction in a cohort of South African children with Down syndrome. Moosa, S.; Segal, D.G.; Christianson, A.L.; Gregersen, N.E. Report Dec 1, 2013 4318
Discrepant thyroid function test results in a 44-year-old man. Leey, Julio; Cryer, Philip Case study Dec 1, 2013 3454
A case of infantile-onset Graves. Altincik, Ayca; Gencpinar, Pinar; Demir, Korcan; Catli, Gonul; AbaciAbaci, Ayhan; Bober, Ece Case study Dec 1, 2013 2485
Should "indeterminate" diagnoses be used for thyroid fine-needle aspirates of nodules smaller than 1 cm? Renshaw, Andrew A.; Gould, Edwin W. Report Nov 1, 2013 2494
Thyroid diseases in pregnancy: The importance of anamnesis. Clinical report Oct 31, 2013 4350
Sick euthyroid syndrome in chronic kidney disease. Haria, Jigar; Lunia, Manish Clinical report Oct 28, 2013 2752
The massive underutilization of thyroid hormone replacement therapy part 2. Gerber, Michael Column Oct 1, 2013 1885
Histological and immunohistochemical study of the thyroid gland of the broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris)/Estudo histologico e imuno-histoquimico da glandula tireoide do jacare do papo-amarelo (Caiman latirostris). Machado-Santos, Clarice; Teixeira, Monalisa Jales; Sales, Armando; Abidu-Figueiredo, Marcelo Oct 1, 2013 2370
Request of offers from eligible bidders for the supply of (a) 20 mg. zinc compound, also (b) kits top detect hormones activating the thyroid gland. Sep 24, 2013 139
Supply of requisites to withdraw samples of the thyroid gland for the recent borne babies including (a) special treated paper used in sniffing, & (b) pricks in two lots. Sep 22, 2013 135
Exposure to certain chemicals may impair thyroid function. Sep 1, 2013 129
The Antibody Response to Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hashimoto Tiroiditinde Endoplazmik Retikulum Stresine Antikor Yaniti. Asik, Mehmet; Sahin, Mustafa; Anaforoglu, Inan; Ankan, Serap; Haydardedeoglu, Filiz Eksi; Ertugrul, Report Sep 1, 2013 2602
Normal thyroid function is vital to preserve health. Aug 1, 2013 871
Blocking iodide is key to survival. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 174
Measures of thyroid function among Belarusian children and adolescents exposed to iodine-131 from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Ostroumova, Evgenia; Rozhko, Alexander; Hatch, Maureen; Furukawa, Kyoji; Polyanskaya, Olga; McConnel Report Jul 1, 2013 8159
Evaluation of thyroid dysfunction in pregnant women with gestational and pre-gestational diabetes. Report Jun 30, 2013 2974
Thyroid functions after contrast agent administration for coronary angiography: a prospective observational study in euthyroid patients/ Koroner anjiyografi amaciyla kontrast madde verildikten sonra tiroid fonksiyonlari: Otiroid hastalarda prospektif bir gozlemsel calisma. Ozkan, Sevil; Oysu, Ashhan Semiz; Kayatas, Kadir; Demirtunc, Refik; Eren, Mehmet; Uslu, Hatice; Altu Report Jun 1, 2013 5529
Supply of (a) sets of pricks to detect lack of thyroid gland hormones at recent borne babies, also (b) equipping of the Toxics Division at Om El Madriyyeen Hospital. Apr 10, 2013 147
Thyroid and breast cancer: if you aren't confused, you haven't been paying attention. Schor, Jacob Report Apr 1, 2013 3508
Thyroid Status and Urinary Iodine Levels in Women of Endemic Goiter Area. Dec 31, 2012 2324
Research and Markets: Thyroid Gland Disorders - Pipeline Review, H2 2012. Dec 21, 2012 436
How short-term transdermal treatment of men with 7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone influence thyroid function. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 208
These nutrients can help reverse hypothyroidism and eliminate fatigue. Dec 1, 2012 974
Belgian scientists generate functional thyroid tissue from stem cells. Oct 22, 2012 439
Belgian scientists generate functional thyroid tissue from stem cells. Oct 15, 2012 440
Abnormal thyroid function may worsen heart failure. Oct 1, 2012 155
Metastases of renal cell carcinoma to the larynx and thyroid: Two case reports on metastasis developing years after nephrectomy. Demir, Lutfiye; Erten, Cigdem; Somali, Isil; Can, Alper; Dirican, Ahmet; Bayoglu, Vedat; Kucukzeybek Case study Oct 1, 2012 2231
Thyroid function during pregnancy: who and how should we screen? Gronowski, Ann M. Report Oct 1, 2012 3477
Effect of prolonged exposure of low doses of lambda-cyhalothrin on the thyroid function of the pregnant rats and their offspring. Tukhtaev, Kadir; Zokirova, Nargiza; Tulemetov, Sabirjan; Tukhtaev, Nodirbek Report Oct 1, 2012 3392
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Releases New Jointly Developed Clinical Guidelines for Management of Hypothyroidism in Adults. Sep 12, 2012 563
Supply of (a) requisites to take samples of dry blood for recent borne babies, (b) 1,960 kits to detect hormones enhancing the secretion of the thyroid gland also for recent born babies (TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), (c) a zinc compound syrup 20 m. Sep 5, 2012 197
Sarcoidosis of the thyroid gland and spinal canal: unique localizations. Hanemann, Cynthia; Patel, Montu; Palacios, Enrique; Neitzschman, Harold Case study Sep 1, 2012 1180
Effects of hypothyroidism on male reproductive system/Efectos del hipotiroidismo en sistema reproductivo masculino/ Efeitos do hipotireoidismo no sistema reprodutor masculino. Rocha, Aline Silva; Papa, Frederico Ozanam Sep 1, 2012 3806
Fat, lazy, and/or grumpy dog? If this describes your canine pal, she may be suffering from hypothyroidism. Here's how to diagnose and treat the condition. Puotinen, CJ; Straus, Mary Aug 1, 2012 5705
Don't overlook your thyroid. Report Aug 1, 2012 4331
Thyroid gland exposure to radiation below threshold in Fukushima. Jul 16, 2012 176
Papillary carcinoma in a lingual thyroid: an unusual presentation. Bhojwani, Kiran M.; Hegde, Mahesh Chandra; Alva, Arathi; Vishwas, K.V. Case study Jul 1, 2012 2032
Thyroid disease: thyroid function tests and interpretation: this article aims to review the indications for thyroid function tests and their interpretation. Haarburger, David Jul 1, 2012 2321
I've had some odd physical symptoms lately, including muscle and joint pains, neck discomfort, hair falling out, depression and anxiety, fatigue, and unexplained weight gain. Interview Jul 1, 2012 707
Thyroid function and perfluoroalkyl acids in children living near a chemical plant. Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Mondal, Debapriya; Armstrong, Ben; Bloom, Michael S.; Fletcher, Tony Report Jul 1, 2012 8149
Research and Markets: Thyroid Gland Disorders - Pipeline Review, H1 2012. Jun 15, 2012 437
The thyroid gland and oxidative stress 'Thyroid Diabetes'. Sodano, Wayne Report Jun 1, 2012 1845
Women more prone to hypothyroidism. May 18, 2012 422
Consultant in thyroid cancer breakthrough. May 4, 2012 204
Thyroid hemiagenesis. Hsieh, Kuang-chun; Patel, Montu; Palacios, Enrique; Neitzschman, Harold R. Case study May 1, 2012 589
Iodine: jack of all trades, master of many. Schwarcz, Joe Mar 1, 2012 756
David Cowie and the iodization of salt. Platteborze, Peter L. Mar 1, 2012 1908
Survey role in new treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. Feb 29, 2012 382
Exposure to common chemicals affects thyroid function. Jan 16, 2012 187
Vegans should be aware of good sources of iodine. Mangels, Reed Brief article Jan 1, 2012 230
Research and Markets: Thyroid Gland Disorders - Pipeline Review, H2 2011. Dec 16, 2011 404
Organ specific autoimmunity in thyroid disorders; a case presentation of thyroid eye disease and monophasic CNS manifestation/Tiroid bozukluguna bagli gelisen organ spesifik otoimmunite: monofazik merkezi sinir sistemi tutulumu ile prezante bir olgu sunumu. Kale, Nilufer; Topcular, Baris; Kirbas, Dursun Case study Dec 1, 2011 1734
Hashimoto thyroiditis in children and adolescents: evaluation of clinical and laboratory findings/Cocuk ve ergenlerde Hashimoto tiroiditi: klinik ve laboratuvar bulgularinin degerlendirilmesi. Dundar, Bumin; Boyaci, Aslihan; Sangun, Ozlem; Dundar, Nihal Report Dec 1, 2011 2600
Graves' disease with unilateral involvement: a rare entity/tek tarafli tutulum gorulen graves hastaligi: nadir bir vaka. Gonulalan, Gulsum; Cakir, Mehtap Dec 1, 2011 1296
The Mayo Clinic 'Advancement' that's kept hypothyroid treatment stuck in the dark ages. Wright, Jonathan V. Nov 1, 2011 1907
Why some cats with big appetites still lose weight; Vet's corner. Oct 5, 2011 364
Monthly miracles: depression. Gerber, Michael Oct 1, 2011 2982
Integrative oncology for clinicians and cancer patients: part 2. Schachter, Michael B. Report Oct 1, 2011 6809
Mistaken depression? Brief article Oct 1, 2011 156
Organocholorines, thyroid function, and neurodevelopment. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 182
Relationship between urinary phthalate and bisphenol A concentrations and serum thyroid measures in U.S. adults and adolescents from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007-2008. Meeker, John D.; Ferguson, Kelly K. Report Oct 1, 2011 8077
Thyroid dysfunction as a mediator of organochlorine neurotoxicity in preschool children. Julvez, Jordi; Debes, Frodi; Weihe, Pal; Choi, Anna L.; Grandjeanl, Philippe Report Oct 1, 2011 8521
Hyalinizing trabecular adenoma of the thyroid gland. Thompson, Lester D.R. Sep 1, 2011 591
Virus C genotype predisposes to primary hypothyroidism during interferon-[alpha] treatment for chronic hepatitis C. Pavan, Maria Helena Postal; Pavin, Elizabeth Joao; Gonzales, Fernando Lopes, Jr.; Wittmann, Denise E Sep 1, 2011 5505
Surgical anatomy of the pyramidal lobe and its significance in thyroid surgery. Zivic, R.; Radovanovic, D.; Vekic, B.; Markovic, I.; Dzodic, R.; Zivaljevic, V. Clinical report Aug 1, 2011 2675
Lithium in drinking water and thyroid function. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 124
Lithium in drinking water and thyroid function. Broberg, Karin; Concha, Gabriela; Engstrom, Karin; Lindvall, Magnus; Grander, Margareta; Vahter, Mar Report Jun 1, 2011 4522
Evaluation of effect of isoflavone on thyroid economy & autoimmunity in oophorectomised women: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Mittal, Niti; Hota, Debasish; Dutta, Pinaki; Bhansali, Anil; Suri, Vanita; Aggarwal, Neelam; Marwah, Report Jun 1, 2011 5186
A case of recurrent silent thyroiditis/Tekrarlayan sessiz tiroidit olgusu. Ipekci, Suleyman; Cakir, Mehtap Case study Jun 1, 2011 1539
The early days of thyroidectomy. Ellis, Harold Jun 1, 2011 968
An alternative to thyroid biopsy for diagnosis of nodule. Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2011 582
Evaluation of congenital heart diseases and thyroid abnormalities in children with Down syndrome/ Down sendromlu cocuklarda konjenital kalp hastaliklari ve ur old anormalliklerinin degerlendirilmesi. Mihci, Ercan; Akcurin, Gayaz; Eren, Erdal; Kardelen, Firat; Akcurin, Sema; Keser, Ibrahim; Ertug, Ha Report Oct 1, 2010 4680
Subtle thyroid problem triples the risk of placental separation. Sep 22, 2010 403
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