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Thursday tours of Oakland Harbor ... free.

Bringing cargoes of coffee from Colombia and cars from Japan, ships pass through the Golden Gate into Oakland Harbor--one of the busiest and biggest container ports on the West Coast. You can take a cruising tour of the harbor's waterways on Thursdays, May through August. The free tours are popular; it's best to reserve now if you want to go next month.

Departing from a berth at Jack London Square, the 75-minute cruise covers 6-1/2 miles of Oakland and Alameda shoreline. You'll see the 100-foot-tall gantry cranes that clutch 30-ton containers as easily as toy blocks when loading or unloading ships. A tour guide fills you in with facts and figures on the port's capacity.

tours run several times on Thursdays; hours were not set at our press time. For required reservations and directions, call the Public Affairs Department of the Port of Oakland weekdays at (415) 839-7493. Be sure to bring a warm jacket.
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Date:Apr 1, 1985
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