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Thurne - a new generation awaits.

A manufacturing organisation that has in the past won the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement as well as other prestigious awards must be doing something right.

The company in question, Thurne Engineering Company Ltd of Norwich are approaching their 25th year of successful trading. Well known for being at the forefront of technology through the design and manufacture of bag sealing, slicing and packaging machinery systems they have now embarked on a development programme which will lead to a new generation of machines. These will be able to meet the operational, marketing and legislative requirements of the 1990's and beyond.

The first of these new advanced machines the Polyslicer MS (Modular Systems) has already become a reality. According to Tony Ambrose, Thurne's Sales Director, the company have addressed a number of problems affecting many of their customers involved in the slicing and packaging of meat; namely better hygiene control and increased throughput, especially when the requirements demand a thinly sliced meat product.

This latest addition to the Polyslicer range is versatile in use and competitively priced. The machine has a built in error diagnostic control and is capable of achieving slicing speeds of up to 1000 rpm, which is substantially faster than rival machines on the market today. The innovative design is particularly useful for companies engaged in dealing with thinly sliced or shaved products.

For the unitiated Tony Ambrose explained "Thinly sliced meat products require more slices per pack to make up the pack weight. Consequently this means that the actual pack rate is lower. However, the high speed capability of the Polyslicer MS redresses this problem enabling the meat processing plant to achieve a more acceptable production speed."

An area of concern for any food processing plant is hygiene. All of Thurne's machines including the Polyslicer MS are already made from stainless steel parts. Thurne have now gone a step further in hygiene control by developing easily removable product contact parts. This means that those parts of the machine (blades, guides, etc.) can be stripped down after use and then be transported away on Thurne's optional trolley system to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

The industry is already showing enthusiastic interest in both the Polyslicer MS and in other high profile equipment currently coming on stream (at the time of writing Thurne has received confirmation of multiple machine export orders for the Polyslicer MS).

Export orientated, slicing and packaging systems have been exported to more than 20 countries, including: Israel, Sweden, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Germany, France, United States, etc...

The North American market has been very receptive to Thurne's brand of British Technology. The company have been selling into this market for almost ten years now and have a significant market share. There is said to be more Thurne slicing machines in operation than all of their European competitors put together. Thurne Corporation based in Chicago was expressly set up to assist in serving this important market.

On the meat processing side of the business Thurne also produce the IBS bacon slicer, the 'High Tech' Vision Slicer and automatic lines such as the Stack Loader system.

After meeting with considerable success with the Stack Loader system in Scandinavia, Netherlands and Germany Thurne say that the UK has started to appreciate the advantages of the system and that sales in the UK have already doubled.

An automatic Stack Loader has recently been designed and manufactured for a leading UK frozen food manufacturer. In this case the application involves the placing of small slabs of fish at high speed and accurately into plastic trays prior to being wrapped.

The Vision Slicer is the company's 'Top of the Range' machine. This highly sophisticated bacon slicer can offer predictive weight control through the use of a unique scanning system. The Vision Slicer is able to analyse the bacon prior to slicing, thereby providing a high percentage of correct weight packs, reducing wastage, give-away and the expense of manual correction. The system is capable of fat/lean grading.

Thurne are arguably better known in the UK for their range of bag sealing machines. The company has a staggering 98% market share for the supply of bag sealers to bakeries and are now making inroads into the frozen food, snack foods and confectionery sectors.

To ensure future success Thurne have added the MK 5E economy bag sealer to their range, introduced a tamper evident security device, and made available the Jaguar thermal printer as an optional extra.

First shown to the trade at BAKE '93 the MK 5E is an economy version of the MK 5P. The MK 5E has been designed to meet the day to day requirements of the vast majority of companies that do not need a variable speed machine.

To meet the growing demand for increased information such as traceability codes to be printed on the bag seal Thurne have now brought in the Jaguar thermal printer. Easily retrofitted to existing Thurne bag sealing machines the Jaguar offers exceptional print clarity and will prove a necessity for those companies needing to meet the standards demanded by BS5750 & ISO9000.

Finally to complete Thurne's progressive product round least for the time being, mention must be made of the tamper evident device.

This has been designed to neutralise any attempt made to contaminate a product via the bag seal. A folded paper security seal is inserted automatically by the bag sealing machine between the visible pull apart section of the tape on the neck of the bag. The security seal tears immediately when opened thereby offering visible proof of tampering.
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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