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Thumbs down to more parking on Grandville.

Brant has turned down a request from residents to allow permit parking on Grandville Circle near Cobblestone Elementary School outside of school hours.

Currently, parking is not allowed on the west and south sides of Grandville Circle.

An Oct. 3 report by roads technologist Rick Knap noted that if parking was permitted on the west side of the street between the curve and the intersection with Cobblestone Drive, visibility would be impaired and it would be less safe for drivers exiting the school's driveway and using the intersection.

If parking was allowed on the south side of the street, safety and visibility problems would arise with eastbound and westbound drivers.

Parking on weekends and weeknights outside of school hours could also impede snowplows trying to clear the curve of the road. The parking spaces could expose the municipality to liability problems if any collisions took place.

Parking was available on the east and west sides of Grandville Circle south of Cobblestone Drive, and west of the school entrance on the south side of Grandville were it was straight and there was less of a visibility hazard to motorists from parked vehicles, Knap pointed out.

Council approved the report at its October meeting.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Oct 29, 2013
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