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Thumbs down for game fans.

Children playing with their Christmas computer game presents could end up with "computer thumb" or other injuries.

And youngsters who spend hours surfing the Internet could face years of agony from bad posture and repetitive strain injuries, according to experts.

Some three million Nintendo and Sony games were given as presents over the festive season.

But some children are developing signs of RSI, particularly in their thumbs, as they play the games for hours.

Charity Body Action Campaign is asking schools to issue advice to children on how to avoid problems.

Physiotherapist Ms Wendy Emberson examined children who played the games regularly and is said to have found "computer thumb" in 15 per cent and bad posture in almost all of them.

Bunny Martin, founder of the Body Action Campaign, said: "The Government wants every child at school to have a computer by 2001 - but it has not put money aside to help them overcome risks to their health."
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 28, 1998
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