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Thug who killed Daniel 'a danger to society'.

THE family of the man who stabbed Daniel Fox to death have branded him a "danger to society" after he was finally jailed for ANOTHER knife attack.

Leighton Holt was accused of murdering the carer for autistic children, but he was controversially cleared after a jury failed to reach a verdict at two separate trials.

The 22-year-old, although accepting he caused the fatal wound, claimed he had acted in self-defence at the time of the fatal incident in St Helens.

Holt, who stabbed 29-year-old Mr Fox with a lock knife on Friday, September 2, 2016, argued he had feared being "beat to death" by Daniel and his friends.

Now, thug Holt has been jailed for eight and a half years after he was caught minding a double-barrelled, 12 gauge shotgun, and also carrying out a supermarket raid during which he sprayed bleach in a security officer's face.

Holt, who raised his middle finger to a judge earlier this month at Liverpool Crown Court, was high on cocaine when he also raided an off-licence , armed with a six to eight inch blade.

He was wearing a balaclava and had his hood up when he climbed over a till counter and started waving the blade and pointing it at Tina Percival.

Holt shouted, "I don't want to hurt you", but then yelled "open the f***ing till" and grabbed PS42 in cash, before picking up two bottles of wine and strolling out.

Mr Fox's relatives, still scarred by Holt's acquittal for murder, have condemned Holt's actions and described him as "a danger to society."

Dawn Jones, Daniel's aunt, said: "It's a good result, we've got him [Holt] behind bars.

"From a sentencing point of view, we really had mixed feelings.

"It was emotional for us to go back into the courtrooms as that was where we had Daniel's trial.

"It was elation that he's been locked up, and is behind bars and can't hurt anyone else.

"But he's got no remorse and he's got no respect for authorities, or anything..he's very disrespectful.

"I'm happy he's off the streets, as he's a danger to society."

Mrs Jones blasted Holt for once again carrying a knife even after the tragedy of her nephew's stabbing.

She added: "Holt always had a knife with him, he was carrying a butterfly knife on the night he killed Danny."

And responding to criticism of Merseyside Police's recent increased use of stop-and-search tactics during what has been described as a "national knife crime epidemic," the aunt said: "If that [level of] stop and search had have been brought in two years ago, he [Holt] would have been searched and Daniel would still be here today.

"He didn't learn anything from killing Daniel - he's gone out again and reoffended with a knife."

Holt walked free from court in 2017 after Mr Fox's tragic case, and grinned at the cameras in a show of defiance.


|Leighton Holt was jailed for eight years

|Daniel Fox was stabbed to death by Holt in 2016

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2019
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