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Throw the bums out.


As an old subscriber to E, I think the cover illustration of the May/June 2003 issue is absolutely fantastic! Right on the money! Make it into a downloadable poster and let the power of the people display it.

Pam Boyer-Pfersdorf, Tucson, AZ

I read your article "Getting Out the Vote" (cover story, May/June 2003). Fire few of us out there who maintain a strong religious commitment, are registered Republicans, call ourselves "conservative" and yet are strongly committed to environmental protection and scientific data must be a rare species. While there are doubtless many regulations and policies that need streamlining and some that are perhaps overly restrictive on industry, the current administration seems intent on discarding major gains in environmental protection.

Some of the senators and representatives quoted in your article show no understanding of science whatsoever. One would think that in the 21st century such ignorance would not extend to so-called leaders. We are ha the unfortunate position of losing our last old-growth forests, ruining our parks, developing our wilderness areas and excluding public participation in decision making. As a voter and citizen I am certainly disappointed with this administration.

Carroll Ritter, Williams, IN

Doug Moss' E Word, "Charade" (May/June 2003), barely scrapes the surface of the horrendous things being done by the Bush administration. America is now in the grip of a very dangerous, self-serving cartel. In addition to running this country like their personal corporation they've managed to convince a substantial number of Americans that what they're doing is right. They've also managed to suppress information about much of their activities.

The only way to stop the abuses occurring under this administration is to collectively work to get Bush out of of-rice; hopefully, in disgrace.

Mark Heinz, Ventura, CA
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Title Annotation:Letters From Our Readers
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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