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Through the existential looking glass.

Byline: Mark Baker The Register-Guard

Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here?

"What the #$*! Do We Know?!" might seem like a film that's "out there," but it's all about what's "in here," as in what's inside your brain. Because that's the only reality you know, or ever will know, according to this unusual Northwest docudrama, which not only stars Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, but also retired University of Oregon quantum physics professor Amit Goswami.

In the film's trailer, Goswami says quantum physics "is the physics of possibility." He is one of 14 scientists and mystics interviewed documentary-style in the film set in Portland and written and directed by three filmmakers from Washington's Thurston County.

Matlin, the deaf actress who won her Academy Award in 1986 for "Children of a Lesser God," plays Amanda, a divorced photographer dealing with separation from her cheating husband. What, might you ask, does that have to do with quantum physics and the universe that gave birth to us?

According to Goswami and other scientists, building a new, improved reality for ourselves requires disengaging from familiar thought patterns and some radical rethinking of our place in the universe.

Quantum physics not only deals with matter and radiation, but the belief that "consciousness is the ground of all being," said Goswami, who was interviewed by the filmmakers during a conference on reincarnation in Yelm, Wash., a couple of years ago.

If you think that Goswami is impressed with his newfound fame, he's not. In fact, he wasn't even sure when the film was coming to Eugene, or if it was coming here at all. He hasn't seen it, and probably won't anytime soon. "I don't know," he said. "If I have the time, I will."

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What the #$*!

Do We Know?!

Rated: No Motion Picture Association of America rating

Theater: Bijou Art Cinemas


Robert Baily Jr. hands Marlee Matlin an opportunity to discover the meaning of life in "What the #$*! Do We Know?"
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Date:Apr 16, 2004
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