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Through the Fog Review: iOS & Android.

India, Aug. 8 -- Try 'Through the Fog' for a surprisingly transcendent mobile gaming experience.

If there was a way to turn a poem into a game, 'Through the Fog' is probably what you would get at the end of it. Straight from the names of the levels to the graceful movement of the ever extending block and the music, everything in Through the Fog combines to give you what is truly an ode to classic runners.

Through the Fog is a remake of the beloved Snake of yore but done so elegantly that you will hardly recognize it for what it is. Forget the row of black dots which crawled across your Nokia's screen and take a look at the beautifully designed landscapes in this game.

here are several levels and each level has been designed keeping in mind a season or set of emotions as the basis for inspiration. 'Through the Fog' is in essence a one-touch controlled runner in which a pillar extending to eternity zig-zags across breathtaking levels. These levels range from 'Lake of Opportunity' and 'Peaceful Stagnation' to 'Storm of Anger' and 'Visions of Tragedy'. Each level has its own unique soundtrack which even syncs up with the level at times and you must use headphones while playing to do justice to this game.

The gameplay is constantly challenging and features frequent change in the type of obstacles and even in the camera angles and pans. The game demands every inch of your attention but is immensely rewarding if you give it that.

One problem with the game is that the pretty graphics will take its toll on your device, especially if it is slightly older. The lags which occur then make it impossible to play. However, you simply need to turn the graphics quality to a lower setting to make it run smoothly. The ads are bearable and do not detract much from the pleasure. Through the Fog is a new entrant in what is an immensely saturated genre but manages to make its mark, like many other games by Boombit, the publisher (though this is the best game from among their many offerings).

Try 'Through the Fog' for a surprisingly transcendent mobile gaming experience.

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Date:Aug 8, 2017
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