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Through American and Irish Wars: The Life and Times of General Thomas W. Sweeny 1820-1892.

YEARS AFTER THE CIVIL WAR, William Tecumseh Sherman presented a personally drawn up map of the battle of Shiloh to the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. In his speech on that occasion, recalling critical points in the battle, he singled out the performance of Colonel Thomas Sweeny as something to which he attached more importance than to any other achievements "I have since heard 'saved the day'." Jack Morgan's is the first biography of Sweeny, the one-armed Irish-born General who ultimately designed and led the 1866 Fenian incursion into Canada.

"A rip-roaring tale.... Tells of Tom Sweeny ... whose life was so full of adventure that the Civil War was but a single chapter."--St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"This new biography may bring [Sweeny] to the attention of a new generation."--Books Ireland

"Morgan presents a considered and competent biography of this famous son of Cork and puts the [Fenian] invasion in the proper perspective."--Irish Democrat

"Jack Morgan gives us a stirring account of this engaging and sympathetic character.... will entertain and inform those with an interest in the American Civil War and Fenianism."--History Ireland
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Publication:Irish Literary Supplement
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Date:Sep 22, 2006
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