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ThromboScience Announces New Cardiovascular Risk Factor.

WOODSIDE, Calif. -- ThromboScience(TM), LLC, a provider of blood tests that determine cardiovascular risk, announced that it has measured a new risk factor that strongly predicts complications from heart disease in patients who have had coronary artery stenting.

"After more than ten years of basic research and clinical studies with hundreds of patients, we are pleased to make available the ThromboProfile," said Cora Yang, President. "ThromboScience offers the most comprehensive test to measure platelet reactivity and coagulation as pivotal risk factors for thrombotic events. Our new test, the ThromboProfile(TM), measures platelet reactivity and the tendency for blood clotting in a patient, the most common events that occur before a heart attack or stroke."

"The ThromboProfile is a powerful predictor of thrombotic events because it measures platelet reactivity and the tendency for blood clotting in addition to assessing traditional factors such as cholesterol, inflammation markers and LDL particle size," continued Yang. "Many patients have high levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol, but never have a heart attack. The ThromboProfile is the only test which focuses on the critical and final pathways that directly lead to a heart attack."

"The mission of ThromboScience is to save lives by the early detection and diagnosis of thrombotic risk. Our technology assesses not only the risk of clotting, but also whether or not a patient is responsive to anti-platelet therapies including aspirin," said Yang. "With the founding of ThromboScience, we are embarking on a journey to make this new technology widespread, and we believe the impact on health care will be profound."

About ThromboScience, LLC

ThromboScience, based in Woodside, California, licenses the ThromboProfile, a new technology which combines traditional testing for heart disease with assessment of platelet function and coagulation in each patient, resulting in tailored therapy. For more information, please visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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