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Thriller will have you pretty confused; PICK OF THE DAY homecoming Amazon Prime.

REMEMBER the days when movie stars did movies and TV stars stuck to TV? This was before Tinsel Town began flocking to the small screen. Television is where it's at, and the A-listers keep on coming. Julia Roberts is the shiny new attraction in this latest psychological thriller, starring as counsellor Heidi Bergman, who is working at Homecoming, a facility to help military veterans with reimmersion into society. She's got a glossy office with a great big fish tank and, on the face of it - well, it is Julia Roberts - is smart, classy and perfect. But we flash forward four years and Heidi is a waitress at a dodgy-looking diner in the middle of nowhere. As she's pouring coffee, a man who turns out to be from the Department of Defence (played by Boardwalk Empire's Shea Whigham) starts quizzing her about why she left her job at Homecoming. This is the moment we realise all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, back in 2018, Heidi's boss Colin, played by Bobby Cannavale, wants "aggressive focus" on gathering data from the former soldiers. There's an ulterior motive for this department and we don't yet know what it is. Elsewhere, Dermot Mulroney (Julia's costar from My Best Friend's Wedding) appears as Heidi's boyfriend, one she doesn't seem particularly keen on. You may tune in just for Julia Roberts, but, by the end of episode one, left with dozens of questions, you'll be absolutely hooked. And with episodes only half-an-hour, and all 10 dropping on Amazon at once, this is one to binge.


Julia Roberts stars as a counsellor for returning veterans who mysteriously ditches her job to become a waitress

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 2, 2018
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