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Three-level deck steps down the slope.

New decking turned a sloping, hard-to-use back garden into a comfortable area for entertaining that takes advantage of a view over San Francisco Bay.

Originally, a stoop led abruptly from a porch off the living room to the lawn below. Now, three separate conversation spaces make a much more appealing transition between house and garden.

Berkeley landscape architect Ron Herman designed the deck to function as a series of rectangular platforms along a stairway. Each space is oriented toward the Bay view. The top platform, three steps below the existing porch, has its northwest corner defined by two built-in storage benches and a large rectangular planter, which rise 18 inches from the platform.

Three broad steps lead down to another level, where two platforms are separated by a smaller rectangular planter. Steps around three sides of the large of these platforms fan out and down to the garden. At large gatherings, these steps provide informal seating.

Herman used redwood 2-by-6s for the deck surfaces and horizontal redwood 1-by-3s to sheathe the planter boxes, which have galvanized steel inserts to hold soil. Redwood 1-by-4s trim the planter lips.
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Date:Apr 1, 1985
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