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Three universities recognized for combating alcohol abuse.

The Coors Brewing Co. and the Inter-Association Task Force have selected three universities as the "best of the best" for their efforts in combating alcohol abuse.

Bradley, Regis and the University of Missouri-Columbia were honored at an event recently held in Washington. D.C. (see photo below).

Students and faculty members from the three universities are in the Capitol today to be honored for developing and implementing programs on their campuses throughout the year to combat over-consumption of alcoholic beverages and underage drinking.

Bradley University of Peoria, IL, Regis University of Denver, CO and the University of Missouri-Columbia received awards and grants from Dr. Edward Hammond, chairman of the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues (IATF) and board chairman of BACCHUS & GAMMA Peer Education Network.

The three schools were awarded the highest scores in the national competition in conjunction with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW). Coors Brewing Company sponsored the awards with IATF.

After being honored, representatives from the schools met with their U.S. Senators and Representatives to brief them on how their programs are addressing alcohol abuse on campus.

Dr. Hammond said: "As a university president, I am very pleased to recognize these three institutions that are doing exemplary work in the area of alcohol abuse management. So often we spend time highlighting institutional failures but do not recognize institutional successes. Each of these universities has made a commitment to improving the quality of their campus environment through the use of social norming and peer education. Research clearly shows that these two fundamentals make a positive impact in improving campus life. On behalf of higher education, I want to thank Coors Brewing Company and Peter H. Coors for working with the higher education community and recognizing these success stories."

In an open letter congratulating the winners, Peter Coors said: "These universities continue to demonstrate that engaging students in healthy decisions works better than dictating to them. You are demonstrating that an informed and engaged community of students, faculty and staff can make a big difference in the lives of our future leaders."

The three schools received the most points in the competition, and were judged for significant use of the social norms approach in their prevention efforts, as well as comprehensive year-round alcohol education programming, and support for NCAAW.
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Title Annotation:Coors Brewing Co. and Inter-Association Task Force have selected three universities
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Date:Sep 29, 2003
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