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Three tricks to speed seed sowing.

Three tricks to speed seed sowing

You can sow more kinds of seeds in Marchand early April than at any other season. There's still time to start cool-season vegetables and flowers, and heat lovers should also go in so they'll be ready for transplanting when danger of frost is past.

On this page, we show three tricks to helpgardeners who start large parts of their gardens from seed. The techniques are simple and make the job go faster.

If you sow in small tubs like the oneshown above, ice cream sticks are good row-makers; raked across the sown tub, they make covering the seeds easy, too.

For cell-packs or small pots, the chopsticktechnique pictured above left is a good choice. Wooden chopsticks (especially bamboo) work best. After you get the hang of it, the process of picking up the seeds and twisting them into the soil goes very quickly. Push soil back over the hole to cover the seeds.

If you sow many flats, the row-maker atleft is easy and effective to use. It's made of a scrap of board cut to fit a flat (flats are different sizes, so you'll have to measure yours and cut the board to fit). Nail or glue strips of 1/2-inch beveled molding across it to make the rows. To make the board easy to hold, attach a pair of drawer handles to the back. You can regulate the depth of the rows by how far you press the board into the soil.

Photo: For tubs, ice creamstick presses perfect, straight seed rows in potting mix; wiggle the stick when you press to make the rows wider than the stick's edge

Photo: For cell-packs, use damp chopstick to pickup two seeds from dish. Push stick into soil, twist, and pull out. Seeds remain in soil

Photo: For flats, make 10 rows at a time bypressing homemade form into soil. It's great for large-scale seed-sowing jobs
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Date:Mar 1, 1987
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