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Three southwestern aquatic invertebrates.

We proposed on February 12 to list the Roswell springsnail (Pyrgulopsis roswellensis), Koster's tryonia (Tryonia kosteri, Pecos assiminea (Assiminea pecos), and Noel's amphipod (Gammarus desperatus) as endangered species and to designate their critical habitat. These species occur at sinkholes, springs, and associated spring runs and wetland habitats. They are found at two sites in Chaves County, New Mexico, one site in Pecos County, Texas, and one site in Reeves County, Texas. Pecos assiminea is also known from one area in Coahuila, Mexico.

These small aquatic animals have an exceedingly limited distribution and are imperiled by local and regional groundwater depletion, surface and groundwater contamination, oil and gas extraction activities within the supporting aquifer and watershed, and direct loss of their habitat (e.g., through burning or removing marsh vegetation, cementing, or filling of habitat).

Roswell springsnail, Koster's tryonia and Pecos assiminea are small aquatic snails, while the Noel's amphipod is a freshwater shrimp. The species coexist in small, geographically isolated springs at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Chaves County in southeastern New Mexico. The Pecos assiminea snail also occurs at Diamond Y Springs in Pecos County and East Sandia Spring in Reeves County, on land managed by the Nature Conservancy of Texas.
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Title Annotation:Proposed Listing Rules
Publication:Endangered Species Update
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Geographic Code:1USA
Date:May 1, 2003
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