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Three sight brackets available.

Dear Editor,

In PS 669 (Aug 08), you gave NSN 1240-01-515-3767 for ordering the sight bracket for the MK 19 machine gun.

Actually, there are three brackets that can be used with the MK 19. The bracket that comes with NSN 1240-01-515-3767 should be used only for lightweight items, such as laser aiming devices like the AN/PEQ-2A, AN/PEQ-15, and AN/PEQ-15A. Another bracket, NSN 5855-01-045-5482, should be used only with the AN/PEQ-2A.


For heavier devices like the heavy weapon thermal sight (HWTS), you should use the bracket that comes with NSN 5340-01-434-2231. This bracket has two rails that allow you to mount both the HWTS for target detection and recognition and a laser aiming device for accuracy.



PM Sensors and Lasers

Ft Belvoir, VA

Editor's note: Thanks for updating us on sight brackets, Sir. Make a note of these bracket NSNs, armorers. They're not listed in the MK 19 TMs. The Small Arms Integration Book has the most information on what sights can be used with what weapons. You can see it online at Type "SAIB" in the search block and click on SEARCH.

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