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Three new monthly newsletters from EDM Publishers.

EDM Publishers (Duxbury, MA) has begun the publication of three new newsletter titles, including 'Volunteer Firefighter Law Bulletin,' 'Arson Investigations Law Bulletin' and 'Fire Damage Assessment Law Bulletin.' An annual subscription to any of the three monthly newsletters costs $159.

Targeted to officials involved in the nation's estimated 20,000 volunteer fire departments, 'Volunteer Firefighter Law Bulletin' carries information and reports on lawsuits involving volunteer firefighters. The letter is designed to help subscribers learn from the legal experiences of other volunteer fire departments, how to defend departments and individuals named in lawsuits and manage disability and related human resource problems. Coverage includes information on: disability claims for firefighters injured while on duty; liability claims involving traffic accidents while answering a call; negligence claims by an accident victim who was treated by a firefighter who was not EMT-certified; death benefits and suits involving a firefighter's estate; and, immunity claims for negligence by fire chiefs and individual actions of firefighters during a call. It also includes information on hiring practices and discrimination claims, drug testing, retention and legal fees

'Arson Investigations Law Bulletin' is targeted to fire marshals and arson investigators who testify in depositions or in court on arson, conspiracy to commit arson, and insurance fraud cases. Content includes cases and commentary on: fire marshall testimony at trials and depositions; witness statements and testimony at trial; evidence of arson; conspiracy to commit arson; arson-for-profit and interstate crimes; false claims and mail fraud; and domestic violence resulting in aggravated arson. Typical cases covered include the destruction of a commercial building, the related destruction of several properties in several states, the involvement of a firefighter in insurance fraud, retaliation and gang-related violence, the lack of firefighting systems in buildings, the use of accelerants, and spousal revenge.

'Fire Damage Assessment Law Bulletin' is targeted to fire, insurance and legal investigators who determine fault, code compliance and the involvement of arson or fraud. Designed to help subscribers be better prepared for testimony at trial or preparing legal affidavits, the newsletter covers: the most effective ways to determine the cause of a fire; building code compliance or violations, including fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors and inspections; reasonable costs to repair or replace damage properties; the involvement of property owner negligence; the use of accelerants; and, evidence of arson and potential insurance fraud.

Subscribers to all three newsletters also receive 'Legal Briefings for Fire Chiefs,' a CD that includes an annual compilation of relevant cases, indexed by month, categorized by topic and searchable by word, phrase, topic or date, as well as related special reports for fire chiefs on discipline and media relations.
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Comment:Three new monthly newsletters from EDM Publishers.
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Date:May 31, 2005
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