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Three new fresh hop beers from Full Sail.


The Full Sail Brewing Co. of Hood River, Oregon is celebrating this year's hop harvest with a Triple Crown of fresh hop beers--two single-hop ales and a single-hop pilsner.

"As brewers we are always reliant on nature's bounty," says Full Sail executive brewmaster Jamie Emmerson. "But no moment brings this relationship to sharper focus than the hop harvest. This year, we celebrate the season's first hops with three beers: two versions of Lupulin Ale. each featuring a different hop, and Hopfenfrisch Pilsner, showcasing a third variety." According to Emmerson, the single-hop beers were brewed to showcase hop varieties that reached maturity at different times.

"For this year's fresh hopped beers we brewed three different batches waiting each time for the right hops," he said. "To highlight the unique flavor

of the different hop varieties, we brewed two ale batches using the same malts, bur different hops. The ale has a balanced caramel character and malt body that really lets the hops shine through. n one batch, we used First Gold hops, that have a pleasing herbal character with hints of citrusy lime. In the other, we used Centennial, adding a round, fruity orange and grapefruit citrus flavor. In the lager version. Hopfenfrisch Pilsner lager, we used fresh harvested Mt. Rainier hops, a dose cousin to Hallertauer. lending the beer a soft and elegant floral hop perfume. All those Mt. Rainer hops give the beer a Iong, clean bitter finish."

All three hop varieties were locally grown at Goschie Farms, a Salmon-Safe hop grower

"When we brew with fresh hops, timing is everything," added Emmerson. "We need to get them into the brew kettle within hours of picking while their oils and resins are still at their peak. It takes five to seven times more hops to brew a fresh hop beer, and it's absolutely worth it. The result is a subtle range of fresh hop flavors and aromas that you can only get brewing with fresh hops."

Lupulin and Hopfenfrisch are part of Full Sail's line-up of Brewmaster Reserve beers. They will be available in limited quantities September to November on draught in the PacNW.
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Date:Sep 17, 2010
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