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Three little Moorish girls.

Three little Moorish girls are flirting with me in Jaen, Axa, Fatima, and Merien. I said to them, "Who are you, ladies, Robbers of my life?" "Christians we are who were Moors of Jaen, Axa, Fatima, and Merien."

With their great beauty, Upbringing; and common sense, They captured my happiness and my well-being, Axa, Fatima, and Merien.

I said to them, "Tell me, ladies, For mercy let me know your names, For you are capable of giving to me Terrible pain" With very gracious replies They said to me: "Axa, Fatima, and Merien."

I swear to you by the Koran, In which, ladies, you believe, That each and all three of you Have put me in a terrible state Such that my eyes ache Every time they look at Axa, Fatima, and Merien.

"Sir, you much contradict Your station and reputation; For whoever loves three women Is not loved by any. One man for one woman and one woman for one man They love each other well." Three little Moorish girls are flitting with me in Jaen, Axa, Fatima, and Merien.
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Title Annotation:Latitudes; poem
Publication:Americas (English Edition)
Date:Sep 1, 1997
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