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Three copywriters offer six tips to increase your response.

Follow the lead of three direct mail copywriters who, at the recent Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association conference in New York City, revealed tactics they use to boost response.

Robert Lerose--

* "Dramatize!" Don't just tell prospects why your newsletter is going to help them; show them how with reality-based anecdotes that dramatize the value of your product.

"If you were on the witness stand under oath to tell the truth, what's the strongest, most truthful statement you could make about your portfolio?"

* "Ask for the order more than once. Don't just wait until the end of the letter or on the order form."

* "Avoid the word if." Don't write, "If you order now...." Make that, "When you subscribe...."

Don Hauptman--

* "Take trends in your industry and turn them into questions." For example, e-mail marketing is a major trend in the newsletter industry, leading to such questions as, "Are you using e-mail marketing as profitably as your peers? or "What is the major new promotional tool used today to market newsletters?"

Hauptman also advises to review past issues of your newsletter and cull interesting articles and then turn their headlines into questions. "Why is the Widget Corporation doubling its profits each year?" "How did the Widget Corporation turn one lowly product into a highly profitable line of products and services?"

Mark Johnson--

* "Write the reply form first. That makes the copywriting easier because it's goal-oriented. It lets you know where you're heading."

* "Increase your font size." Johnson reports that when he increased font size from 12 pt. to 14 pt., he increased response rates by 10 percent and more.

He recommends Telepath, a kerned typewriter font that is slightly "broken." "It creates the look of a typed letter without taking up as much space as Courier," Johnson said.

Take a look at the Telepath font through a link on Johnson's website. Go to and click on "Links & Contact Info." Once at the Telepath site, you may download the font for $12.95.

Lerose, 628 Meadowbrook Rd., Uniondale, NY 11553, 516-486-0472, fax 516-486-0386,

Hauptman, 61 W. 62nd St., New York, NY 10023, 212-246-8229, fax 212-397-1964,

Johnson, 16 Spaulding Lane, Hollis, NH 03049, 603-465-3888, fax 603-465-3889,
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Date:Nov 30, 2003
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