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Three asteroid occultations.

In October at least three good asteroidoccultation paths cross thickly settled areas of North America:

* Before dawn on October 13th, along a path from Southern California through central Texas, the faint asteroid 371 Bohemia occults an 8.9-magnitude orange star near the Beehive Cluster in Cancer high in the sky. The occultation happens within a couple minutes of 11:54 Universal Time and will last for up to 2 seconds.

* Late on the night of October 21-22, along a path from Southern California through Wyoming and Winnipeg, 11.9-magnitude 521 Brixia occults a 10.5-magnitude star by Orion's club within a few minutes of 7:14 October 22nd UT. The asteroid is moving slowly, so the occultation could last for up to 23 seconds.

* Just after dark on the evening of October 31st, along a path from Florida through Michigan, faint 35 Leukothea, also slow moving, occults a 10.6-magnitude star in Aquarius for up to 39 seconds within a few minutes of 0:18 November 1st UT.

Finder charts, path maps, further details, and lots more such predictions worldwide are at

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