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Three activities for a crafty Halloween.

Fall is in full swing, the students are back and ready to learn (well, we hope!) and Halloween, a favorite for many students and teaches alike, is just around the corner. Before we know it, the jack-o-lanterns will be out and grocery stores will be brimming with candy corn and bite-sized chocolates.

Maximize the fun and creativity involved in this crowd-pleasing, kid-favorite holiday with these classroom-approved Halloween-themed crafts and projects. cutouts of pumpkins with stems, eyes and mouths to form a one-dimensional jack-o-lantern. Affix string or a construction paper handle and you can send students home with their own personalized trick-or-treat bags.

Lesson Link: Why We Trick-or-Treat:

According to The History Channel, the tradition of trick-or-treating comes from an old belief that in the on the eve of Samhain, (pronounced sah-win) a Gaelic ritual celebrated on Nov. 1, the deceased would come back as ghosts and roam the streets. Townspeople left food and wine on their doorsteps to keep the ghouls from entering their homes. As for the costumes today's trick-or-treaters don? These folks used to wear masks outside the home to be mistaken for ghosts, so as not to be bothered by roaming spirits. Visit to learn more.

1. Cotton Swab Skeleton--For an inexpensive and fun art project, have your students make their own renditions of human skeletons using just three simple art supplies. You'll need:

* Cotton swabs

* Construction paper

* Glue

After providing a demonstration--or a lesson on the skeletal system--have students use the cotton swabs to glue "bones" onto construction paper. Top off the project with pre-cut paper skulls. Students can then use colored paper and other art supplies like glitter, pipe cleaners, buttons, colored chalk or crayons and fabric strips to accessories their new friends.

Lesson Link: Skeletal System:

Use your homemade skeletons as a companion activity to a lesson on human anatomy or the skeletal system. The hip bone's connected to the...

Visit for a handy guide to learning about the human body.

2. Custom Jack-O-Lantern Tote--This simple craft needs just a few easy materials and allows kids to get creative while working on fine motor skills. To make these jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat bags, you'll need:

* Brown paper lunch bags

* Construction paper

* Glue

* Markers


Write each student's name on a paper bag. Depending on their age and skill levels, you may wish to provide them templates or allow them to freehand

3. Craft Stick Mummy--Wrap up your Halloween-themed crafting with a miniature mummy made from fabric Iand popsicle sticks. To put these together you'll need:

* Craft/popsicle sticks

* Wooden craft spoons

* Glue

* Scissors/wire cutters

* Muslin (or white fabric) torn into 1"x3" strips

* Googly eyes

Prepare your mummy skeletons by cutting two popsicle sticks per one wooden spoon and attaching them as stick-figure arms and legs. Give one to each student along with glue and fabric strips. Have them wrap the fabric strips around each stick and attach with glue and top off the figurines with googly eyes.

Lesson Link: Mummification:

According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, "mummification is a type of preservation of the dead that was most notably practiced by the Ancient Egyptians. This long process of embalming the dead was an extravagance reserved for pharaohs, whose mummies were placed in opulent tombs."Find more about the history of mummification and entombment at
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