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Three's a crowd.

CORONATION STREET Mon, Wed, Fri ITV If Andrea was hoping her carp-loving hubby was going to just jet off into the sunset and leave her to her own devices, she is very much mistaken.

Her face drops when Neil says he's turned down his latest overseas job and will be sticking around to try and win her back. Which, to be honest, is not only thick-skinned of Neil but just plain thick. His wife holds him in as much regard as a squashed maggot.

Still, Neil ploughs ahead with operation "Win Wife Back" by taking her out for a drink so they can have a private chat. Not surprisingly Lloyd is none too happy to learn about their little rendezvous and muscles in to put a stop to it, especially as their chat seems to be going down Cosy Cul-de-Sac via Memory Lane and Nostalgia Avenue.

Neil is given his marching orders, but Lloyd's perturbed to spot his rival's car still lurking outside his flat hours later.

If you thought Neil was persistent, he's about to turn downright stalkerish. Restraining orders at the ready!

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 16, 2014
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