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Threats and Boasts.

Sweden, Nov. 25 -- It's good to see that the PM Ranil W, about a week after the incident, is determined to 'sack' any policeman found guilty of having assaulted disabled veterans opposite the Presidential Secretariat. This may provide slight relief to the veterans assaulted.

What a pity it is that when the veterans were then serving soldiers and he was PM twice that Ranil did not speak so fiercely about punishing the terrorist LTTE who were killing and wounding hundreds of comrades of the disabled veterans. Instead, while the lives of hundreds of soldiers and civilians were being sacrificed daily, he persisted in weary, painful, endless, implausible peace talks to appease a fascist enemy. Significantly, when the disabled veterans were demonstrating at the Fort railway station in bucketing rain for several days before this incident, his colleagues were clearly oblivious to their plight.

PM Ranil is aware that in SL the police desire to do what pleases their political masters; at times even if it violates law. None of the policemen were at the Presidential Secretariat on their own volition on that day. They were all obeying orders. He may wish to know who gave the orders and what exactly they were, especially about using force. However, before he propels inquiries that may result in punishing policemen who were only obeying orders, he may bring to mind the 600 policemen in the East who had to dig their own graves and were butchered, all in one day, by the LTTE in 1990.

They were ordered to surrender by the government in which he was a Minister and would soon become PM. That was the most heinous crime in the entire 30 year counter terrorist war. Did anyone of them want to surrender of their own volition? They followed the orders of the government (politicians) and their IGP's orders, believing they would be set free. What ails and pains him to deny any inquiry into or mention of that atrocity even after 26 years while looking for scapegoats to whip among that very benighted establishment that has no friends on both sides of the divide?

FM Ravi said at the tail end of his budget speech (November 2016) that he 'was reminded of a quote of Lt Gen SF who as Army Commander had said "I will not leave this war to the next army commander". FM Ravi echoed SF by saying some 'economic war' he is apparently waging too will similarly be 'ended by our government'.

How very diabolically ingenious of him to corral SF's quote in his annual sleep inducing speech. Maybe he prefers to forget what he said in mid November 2008 when Lt Gen SF was Army Commander and SL troops were fighting and dying in hundreds in the North? This was in the decisive phase of the war when the country (except for those who prayed the LTTE would prevail and the Forces would not) had united in its efforts to defeat the enemy. Who was it that derisively mocked, ridiculed, scoffed, insulted, falsified, befooled and mimicked the Forces' successes? That anyone of that shameless lot has the brazen cheek and thickest of hides to close ranks with SF now, should not surprise.

His economic goals sounded utterly hollow when he qualified it by saying 'Our ultimate responsibility is to our people who voted for us". This was despite him buttressing it with a quote by another of his now conveniently cultivated soldier heroes, Churchill. Churchill during WW2 however talked of 'blood, sweat and tears' not hoots, jeers and taunts.

So didn't SL then know who 'us' and 'we' were? His plans are for those who voted for 'them'. Are the others to be damned? So will the 1.5 years old CBSL Bond scam of Rs 125 billion go round and round without end? It was significantly ignored in his speech. Were the alleged perpetrators also with 'us'? The recovery of that colossal loss was not a part of his immediate battle plan. However, grandiose plans including an Rs 1,000 million 'vertical' building' together with recreation facilities in Jaffna that no one there asked for, are in his dreams. (Not long ago in the North they had 4 floor bunkers going the other way).Who will benefit 'vertically'?

As day follows night the Rs 3,000 million 'peace' plan to rescue the Golden Key Credit Card Company (GKCC) depositors with government money is surely to help 'them'. After all, those millionaire investors, all of them, must be 'us'. Otherwise, why help 'them' with other people's money? Why have the multi billionaire perpetrators not being stripped of their assets and prosecuted for fraud as yet? Poor Sakviti. He and his case were disposed off in double quick time. He was not 'us' or 'we'.

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Mr. WA Wijewardene appearing on TV said money which belongs to the people cannot be used to resuscitate or bail out investors who were defrauded by private companies. The mammoth GKCC fraud was the biggest ever in SL. Those who owned GKCC, bank rolled many elections for 'them'. Mr. Wijewardene further said the money the government was going to spread among 'us' could build 6 universities like SJU .Some war, some peace and a heck of a way to win. As before 'we' the people, will be bruised, battered and bounced.

FM Ravi it was said was saddened by the plight of the victims of the GKCC fraud who had deposited black and white millions to make massive gains. Some, he said, had committed suicide. Sad as this was, does FM Ravi know that in 2015 alone there were 3058 suicides in SL of whom 25% were females and about 1,400 were over 46 years of age? Did he consider helping their NOK too or is this another case of helping 'our' suicides only?

Has FM Ravi thought to find out how many SL veterans have committed suicide and not only because they were disabled and waiting for their pensions ; which last were apparently granted only after beating them first. In the USA 20 Veterans commit suicide daily (according to election punch drunk Obama).

Who remembers FM Ravi ever showing GKCC like deep concern for SL troops who died, were wounded, disabled for life and recently, assaulted by the police? Did he ever think to offer an iota of the amount he wished to present GKCC depositors from the people's funds to the thousands of disabled veterans? The people would have endorsed it if he did but never GKCC. Intriguingly and ominously there is instead a plan to 'compensate' former LTTE terrorist cadres.

FM Ravi can however rest assured that SL, even without the Brexit descendants of Churchill, will win its financial 'war' after he hands over control to someone who knows how to do it.

To paraphrase FM Ravi's subtle, inclusive and exclusive religious mix of concluding remarks "May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with our motherland" (and not hopefully only with 'them' and 'us'). "MAY GOD BLESS OUR MOTHERLAND WITH THE CHOICEST OF BLESSINGS" (that are not only for 'them' and 'us', GKCC, CBSL bondsmen, etc). He might have added 'Peace' whole and absolute that the heroic troops he mocked, in concert with his elitist buddies, brought to SL.

The cost was 100,000 killed among them 23,000 troops. This was after 26 years of a war 'they' started during which the 'Motherland', had been forsaken. Until the troops saved her. He may have forgotten but 'we' have not.

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
Date:Nov 25, 2016
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