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Thrasher comix.

Vs. Bam Margera

Alright Margera, my bull crap detector is on high alert.

I heard you're the best Coach, I need some skate pointers.

Why'd you bring friends and why the high-voltage cattle prods?

Oh, don't mind them ...

What about these rabble rousers?

Uh, they're here to film you you coach me!

Well, I guess we'll start with 10 sets of 5-0 grinds and then work up to ...

Get him!!

Aaargh! He was a hologram!

That's called shock and awe, jackasses!

Have fun, pricks.

Vs. Brandon Biebel

Yo, what do you guys think of my new piece? I'll have it paid off in three more years.

Looks pricey, son.

It's really sparkly ...

It just seems weird. I read that the value of diamonds is contrived and arbitrary and that their actual value is only a mere fraction of what people pay for them.

Nice ice, Biebel. Hop in. Ta-ta, Girl team ...

It's Rob Dyrdek!

You're one of us now Brandon. Your love of diamonds has allowed you to join the club.

Your Cristal looks warm. Here's some more ice.

Biebel, wake up.

We're almost at the demo.

We've got a jumper!

I was gonna shine! SHINE!


Vs. Guy Mariano

Day 843: My search for Guy Mariano continues still. This supernaturally talented skater eludes me.

The closest I ever came to Guy was in a desolate wooded valley. I filmed him briefly and he disappeared ...

Thar she blows!

I no longer sleep well due to the hunt. I fear that I am slowly becoming Captain Ahab and he is my white whale.

I began to research Guy's lineage. I speculate he descended from a secret civilization or alien race!

His legend derives from word of mouth And two video parts, 'Video Days' and 'Mouse'. I studied them for clues, looking for answers.

Where are you Mariano!!!

The hunt to find Mariano goes on. I may be searching forever ...

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Article Type:Cartoon
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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