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Thousands in Wales were left in worry and hardship.

Equitable life victim Les Crouch yesterday said up to 3,000 of its victims were Welsh.

The 78-year-old grandfather-of-two, who lives in Wentloog, Cardiff, said: "I don't think anyone knows the exact figures but there are certainly thousands from Wales and sadly, across the UK, around 30,000 former policy holders have now died.

"That means that although they were people who planned their retirement by saving with what was a reputable company, they ended their days in fear and worry and in many cases financial hardship because of something that was not their fault. That makes me very sad."

Mr Crouch, a former executive in the transport industry and a representative of the Equitable Members' Action Group, added that Equitable policy holders were angry at the way Northern Rock was quickly "bailed out" by the government when it needed help but Equitable Life was left to flounder.

He said, "This is a Labour government and maybe I am being cynical but there are a lot of Labour voters up North."


VICTIMS: Les Crouch - there is anger that Northern Rock was bailed out, and Equitable Life was left to flounder PICTURE: Liz Pearce
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jul 18, 2008
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