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Thousands flock to see executions.

AGE was no barrier to dissection. Sarah Huntingford was 61 when executed at Winchester for the October 1818, murder of her husband.

A local newspaper reported: "She was drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, and her body delivered to the surgeon at the gaol to be dissected and anatomised.

"It was calculated at the time that nearly 10,000 persons were assembled to witness the awful ceremony."

John Amy Bird Bell, just 14, was hanged and dissected in July 1831 for the murder of 13-yearold Richard Falkner Taylor in Chatham, Kent.

In front of a baying crowd estimated at more than 8,000, Bell mounted the scaffold. As the boy faced the crowd, he turned to one of the guards and remarked that his victim was in a better place than he was.

The guard nodded in agreement.

Bell looked around him "but his eyes did not quail, nor was his face blanched. After the rope was adjusted round his neck he exclaimed in a firm and loud tone of voice 'Lord have mercy upon us. Pray, good Lord, have mercy upon us'."

The newspaper article added: "At the appointed signal, the bolt was withdrawn and in a minute or two the wretched malefactor ceased to exist.

"The body was given over to the Surgeons at Rochester for dissection."

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