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Thousands Convicted for Homosexuality To Be Pardoned Posthumously in Britain.

Thousands of British men sentenced for homosexuality before it was decriminalised will be pardoned under the Turing Law, named after the famous scientist in the 1940as Alan Turing, announced the government in London, cited by BGNES.

All persons who have been convicted under the previous law may file an application for their name to be cleared and will receive an automatic pardon. Thousands of convicted persons will be pardoned posthumously.

Homosexual acts between men over 21 years of age were decriminalised in England and Wales in 1967. The law in Scotland was not changed until 1980 and was finally amended in Northern Ireland in 1982.

Alan Turing was an EnglishA computer scientist,A mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst who played a key role in breaking the code of the Nazi Enigma cipher machines during World War II. Turing was tried on charges of homosexuality in 1952 and was forced to submit to chemical castration. Two years later, he committed suicide at the age of 41.


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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Oct 20, 2016
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