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Thoughts by Hugh Mann.

WHAT IS RELIGION? Notwithstanding all of its respectful liturgy and doxology, religion is, in part, frustration and anger with the Creator, who gave us just enough intelligence to understand life's dilemmas, but not enough intelligence to do anything about them.

WHAT IS SCRIPTURE? Scripture is divinely inspired, but is also divisive, epic poetry about a promised, but disputed, messiah whose supernal power heals our infernal nature by fixing factual, but fabled, family feuds over food, fortune, freedom, favoritism, fairness, fame, fate, and faith.

WHAT IS POLITICS? Politics is pervasive, but not persuasive. Eternal and infernal, politics is false promises based on false premises, and false choices based on false voices; while politicians are euphonious phonies, impostors who posture, bandits backed by pundits, and back-stabbers disguised as backslappers. As the circus maximus of politics, elections are a tug of war between the left and right, with the center of the rope wrapped around the public's neck.

WHAT IS PC? As a sociolinguistic philosophy of equality and reform, PC is a mixed blessing. It sensitizes us to the negative nuances of normative labels, but it also sanitizes language, paralyzes communication, and stigmatizes us with pseudopeccadillos and faux-pas phobia. Scripted and insipid, PC is semantic antics with veridical indirectness and lame sameness, both of which stultify results and reduce everything to nothing. Sadly, PC is a parody of parity that leaves us languishing in language.

WHAT IS RACISM? As the pigment that darkens the color of our skin, hair, and eyes, melanin is a mixed blessing. It protects us from the harsh rays of the sun, but it also subjects us to the harsh gaze and words of racists, who blindly and blithely dislike and disrespect all dark-skinned people. Fusing ignorance with arrogance, avarice with cowardice, and caprice with malice, racism is a pigment of the imagination and an impediment to every nation. Racism is lunacy, not supremacy.

* Hugh Mann is a widely published holistic physician-poet. His Web site, organic, promotes peace and health.

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Author:Mann, Hugh
Publication:Journal for the Study of Antisemitism
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jun 1, 2012
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