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Dear Readers:

Each year, the Spring issue of The Appraisal Journal recognizes exceptional work within this forum for ideas on real estate valuation, and on the following pages you will see the announcement of our 2018 article awards. It is important that we pause and acknowledge these outstanding articles and their authors. In addition, we recognize the outstanding service of Donald R. Epley, PhD, MAI, SRA, who during the past year has contributed valuable volunteer hours to the Journal as a member of The Appraisal Journal Academic Review Panel.

We also have three peer-reviewed feature articles in this issue aimed at enhancing the services of professional appraisers. The cover article, "Timeshares, Market Value, and the Real Estate Appraisal Process," explains the unique concerns appraisers face in valuing timeshare interests and the pitfalls they may face in application of the sales comparison approach. The second article, "Effective Bank Valuation Programs-- An Examiner's Perspective," provides insights into what examiners expect of financial institutions in conducting safe and sound valuation practices under current regulations and guidelines. The third article, "An Analysis of Partial Takings and Contributory Value in the Context of Various Court Decisions," discusses valuation of nonviable public takings, which do not have an independent highest and best use; the article offers a sampling of court opinions to illustrate the various viewpoints.

We appreciate the dedication of all who have contributed to The Appraisal Journal's peer review process as well as the authors who have shared their knowledge with our readers. As always, we welcome your comments regarding any aspect of The Appraisal Journal.

Stephen T. Crosson, MAI, SRA

Editorial Board Chair and Editor-in-Chief

The Appraisal Journal

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Title Annotation:From the Editor-in-Chief
Author:Crosson, Stephen T.
Publication:Appraisal Journal
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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