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Thomson Delmar

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Programmers involved in cryptography need the latest, cutting-edge insights--as provided in the updated edition of A. & & N. Moldovyan's INNOVATIVE CRYPTOGRAPHY, 2nd Edn (1584504676 $49.95), a reference on common problems and their solutions. Both hardware and software issues are revealed in chapters which open with a review of cryptography in modern society and common protocols and move quickly to issues in networks, controlled environments, software ciphers and much more. Technical discussions offer engineers, researchers and IT security pros a solid mix of new advancements and applied science. John P. Flynt's JAVA PROGRAMMING FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, 2ND EDN (1598632752, $29.99) needs no familiarity with Java to prove useful: it teaches the basics of both Java and object-oriented programming, using Java's features to work through examples of games and applications. From the bare-bones basics to later complexities of GUI features and desktop Windows development tasks, this is the perfect beginning place for newcomers to Java. Christopher Diaz's INTRODUCTION TO UNIX/LINUX (1584504498, $ 49.95) teaches all the fundamentals, from how to install a UNIX/Linux system and its applications and how to edit files to writing programs using advanced commands. Chapters discuss text formatting, job management, and more and provide review questions for each chapter, Powerpoint slides for a course, and a DVD-ROM with a Fedora installation to install Linux on your computer. Sam Siewert's REAL-TIME EMBEDDED SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS (1584504684, $59.95) provides systems engineers with an excellent resource for applying real-time theory to real-world design. Chapters pair fundamental theory with the building blocks of applications, from surveying digital audio and video to continuous media applications. It's a guide no systems engineer should be without. Robert Ericsson and Jason Cline's SQL SERVER 2005 FOR DEVELOPERS (1584503882, $44.95) provides a database tool offering new ways to manipulate servers and databases. SQL Server's tools and special advice on tips, tricks and handling pack chapters of tutorials which will lend well to classroom use or as a reference. All the files needed to complete the book's tutorials--including C# code tiles--are here for developer to absorb.
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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