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Thomson & Thomson Launches Two Connotation Products for Global Marketing.

Thomson & Thomson, a leading trademark and copyright research firm, has introduced Connotation Check and Connotation Evaluation, two unique products designed to enhance its line of international trademark research services. According to the announcement, Connotation Check and Connotation Evaluation will help businesses researching trademarks and corporate and product names for international launches to identify possible negative connotations and associations with their name in foreign markets--before these could affect sales or create potential image problems for the company and its products in these markets. The service also is available for checking names in the U.S.

According to the announcement, history provides numerous examples of companies that transported corporate and product names overseas and unwittingly created embarrassment in translation--such as the curling iron name that translated into "manure stick" in German, and the toothpaste that shared a name with a French pornographic magazine. Thomson & Thomson's Connotation services will help companies prevent costly mistakes by identifying negative connotations in international and domestic markets before a product is launched.

The service, an addition to Thomson & Thomson's domestic and international full availability search capabilities and other international trademark-searching products, can provide this information to companies that are launching new product names or trademarks in multiple countries or launching products overseas that are already marketed domestically. Reports are currently available for 20 countries, including China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and Spain. More countries will be added, based on client needs.

Jay Gast, president of Thomson & Thomson, said; "Businesses need to be very careful in choosing their brand and product names for the international market. With our new Connotation services, we are lever-aging our intellectual property expertise and exhaustive worldwide trademark research to make sure our clients have all the information they need for successful global branding. These services provide additional assurance for any business seeking to create goodwill and strong sales in the increasingly competitive international arena."

With Connotation Check, a trained, local linguist in each country (part of Thomson & Thomson's global network) reports on dictionary meaning, the appropriateness of a name, other potential meanings and associations, and any problems with pronunciation. The linguists also consider slang and cultural context. Their findings are reported in English. Reports are available for individual countries, as well as in packages for the European Union, Scandinavia, and the Baltic region.

With Connotation Evaluation, Thomson & Thomson takes this research to a different level by sampling public response to a proposed name, in the context of the products or services being offered. The local linguist conducts personal interviews with randomly selected respondents and provides a summary report on how the word is perceived and pronounced and what specific associations or emotions the name evokes. Results are presented in English.

According to the announcement, these unique services maintain Thomson & Thomson's commitment to innovation and industry leadership in trademark, copyright, and title research for the intellectual property community, particularly in today's global marketplace, which demands broader coverage of brand names. Thomson & Thomson has one of the most complete international databases of trademark information in the world, with more than 14 million records from the U.S. and over 200 other countries/registries across the globe, and worldwide domain name searching from more than 200 countries through its SAEGIS online service.

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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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